Surprise You Are A Mom !: February 2013


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY Lego Board Game

For Older Children

I found this DIY board game that involve Legos! This a great project to do with your little one that is able to comprehend. My daughter is not at that stage yet. 
DIY Lego Board Game requires things that you probably have in your house like construction paper, printer paper, and of course legos. Click on the link to get more information. 
I wish I could take credit for the idea but I found this through the Google+ Arts and Crafts Community.

Not a success :(

Review: My First Green Toys- Blocks 

Unfortunately my little one wasn't interested in these blocks. It might have been the color or maybe she wasn't into them as I originally thought.But other than that I must say these toys were a little disappointing.

Yes they were a green product but they are not the greatest blocks. My daughter would try to connect a smaller piece then layer it with a bigger piece and it would not stay connected. Compared to the Mega Blocks they would be able to do that with no problem. I might have to purchase those Mega Blocks after all

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My First Green Toys - Blocks

Home Goods Shopping ! 

Just came from Homegoods with the husband and little one. I am in love with this store! It is like a TJ Maxx or a Marshalls but specializes for the home. I've never been to one until now. They have a pet section, bath, kitchen, etc. And the prices are great. I’m not really into name brands but I just got a Calvin Klein King size bed sheets for $49.99. I was going to go with a cheaper option but the color of the bed sheets were so pretty that I couldn't pass it up!

Also my husband pushed me to get a new comforter set. I personally like our old comforter set ( mind you we purchased it last summer and it was on sale at Target) and saw no reason to waste money when it is not needed. But again we were suckered in on how pretty it is. The great thing about the comforter set is that it came with 1 comforter , 2 shams , 2 euro shams, 1 bed skirt, 1 breakfast pillow (another word for a small fancy pillow) and a square pillow . It came out to $69.99 and the original price was $140. That is insane for that price! We can’t wait to go to bed in our new bed sheets & comforter tonight!

They have a section for the kids and I found some blocks for my daughter. I have been meaning to purchase some blocks for her ever since I saw her have so much fun playing with the blocks at the doctor's office.

The awesome part about these blocks are that they are a green product. When I mean green, I don't mean the blocks are colored green. But they are made of 100 % recycled plastic! And of course they are BPA free and made in the USA :) They were only $16.99! When I looked on Amazon they cost $20.18 (free 2-day shipping with prime amazon membership) So I basically saved a few bucks which is fine by me!
I can't wait for my daughter to play with them. After some shopping and lunch she was pooped and pass out for her nap time. I will later post if they were a success ::crosses fingers::

Monday, February 18, 2013

85 Snack Ideas for Kids (and Adults)! - 100 Days of Real Food

I have gotten so many ideas from this website! I always try to eat natural or organic food whenever I can. One can't feed your kids fast food all the time! The link are great snack ideas that you probably have in your house :) Enjoy!
85 Snack Ideas for Kids (and Adults)! - 100 Days of Real Food

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day!

I know that I am posting this a few days after Valentine's Day but it has been busy. With husband having Lasik done, Valentine's day and of course our little one it can get a little chaotic.
But overall I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! I know I did! Like any holiday I try to make it special. It's a day about loving those that you care about a spending time with them.
In our household we don't celebrate it by purchasing lavish gifts. Cause lets be honest those 20 dollar box of chocolates will be half off the following day. My husband and I always cheap out on Valentine's Day it's either because we both work late that day or some other excuse which is fine by me.
Now that we have a little one, we try to make more of an effort on holidays. A lot of you might have heard of a website called Pinterest. You might be one of those guilty ones, like myself, that pin a million things a day. I mainly pin things for my little one like educational activities ideas, birthday party ideas and the list goes on.
The reason why I mention this website because most of the valentine theme ideas that i did with my 19 month old came from there.
In the morning of Valentine's Day , my daughter's bedroom door was covered with hearts. And each had a saying like "mama loves you", "you are adorable" , or "we are lucky to have you". Isn't that cute, right?! And it was very inexpensive. All you needed was construction paper, scissors, tape, and a pen/marker.

Yes, I know that my daughter doesn't know how to read but she did notice it since its something that is not normally there. I personally would say it’s a success.
Next stop were the gifts! My husband and I bought her a small box (princess themed) of chocolates. I personally try not to give her candy or any junk food but hey it was valentine’s day and it was only a dollar! The second gift was a Valentine straw which I found at party city for 25 cents! Her last gift was a set of 3 necklaces that were pink, red and silver that said “I<3U” all around. Let me tell you, she actually shrieked out of excitement. I wish we recorded it! It made us so happy that she loved it. She wore them all day she even tried to put one on our dog!

Then came lunch time! I made her regular lunch but with a valentine twist. Her fruit and sandwich were cut out into hearts. I used cookie cutters to shape them perfectly. Saw this in Pinterest a while back and kept a mental note to make it for valentine’s day.

After doing a couple of things around the house, I decided bring out our valentine’s day art activity. We were going to use paint for the first time! I was terrified that it might turn to a war-zone but it wasn't bad. I used regular printer paper, washable paint (pink and red), 2 brushes and 2 toilet paper rolls (for stamping). Again, I got the toilet paper rolls idea from Pinterest. You shape the rolls into hearts and dip them in the paint and stamp them on the paper. Very simple! My daughter was able to do the stamping without me trying to teach her. She is a very smart cookie! But my big mistake was showing her the brushes. She decided to move on from the rolls to the brushes then to her fingers. We were painting for a good hour or so. It was such a great success that I might make it a regular thing.
The not so fun part as a parent was the cleaning up. There was some paint on her high chair and our dining table but I was able to wipe it down. Next time I am planning to buy those plastic disposable plastic table covers that way its less cleaning up on our part.
As parents we always want to spoil our kids on holidays but there is no reason to spend so much money. A great tip for any holiday is always go to dollar section at Target or even at the dollar store! You’ll be surprise what you can find for a dollar.
The following day my family had our ‘valentine’s day dinner’ but at lunch time at a local Texas BBQ restaurant. And the best thing about it was that there wasn't any crowds! Which is a plus! Especially when you have a little one :)
Well, I have  to go back to mommy duties and I will be posting very soon!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Hi there! :)
I’m recently a new mom. I have read and seen how moms prepare for their new baby whether its their first or third child. Unfortunately, I did not have the joy to experience going to doctors and seeing one’s baby for the first time through the sonogram machine or do those cute Pinterest maternity pictures. Heck, I didn't even have a baby shower! 
You might have heard a television show called “I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant”. Well that was basically me, except it was not crazy dramatic like in the show. 
Yes , I didn't know I was pregnant until I went to the ER with my fiance. We got the news and we were surprised because I did not look pregnant. I just looked like I gained 20 pounds. I have seen the shows and heard stories of not knowing but I honestly thought it would never happen to me! My fiance ( now my husband) just kept calm when we both got the news. Thank goodness he was calm because if it weren't for him I would've freaked out. I am very lucky to have him in my life. Others in his shoes would of panic and left. But he kept the whole experience humorous. Making comments like “ I guess I won't be buying that retro arcade game for the office...”  with a chuckle. 
Once the baby was born, everything changed. It changed for the better. She has strengthen the bond between my husband and I. Made us better. 
Don’t get me wrong the next year or two was not all rosy. We did have bumps here and there. We had to learn how to balance our new life. 
I had to quit my job and stay home with the baby because it made more sense for us. When we first discussed this decision , I was honestly oppose to it but after running some numbers we realized that it was a better for me to stay home and bond with our new baby. 
I never realized how much work it was to be a mom. Keeping up the house, making breakfast/lunch/dinner, walking the dog, cleaning the litter, feeding/changing the baby and the list goes on. Like any new mom you tend to lose yourself in this new crazy schedule. But after awhile you get the hang of things. I even started going back to gym! I was shedding majority of my baby weight. Started to look like myself again. It was great! 
Then I started to wonder if there were any blogs or website out there for parents that were in a similar situation. I googled “ I didn't know I was pregnant blog” or “surprised mom blog” and there was no easy access for what I was looking for. All I could find were articles here and there or short forums.  So I decided to make one. 
I wanted to make this to help other moms out there that are wanting advice for their situation. It doesn't even have to be specifically about a new mom who didn't know that was pregnant. It could be about all types of moms too (and dads).
I am no doctor or psychologist but I can give you advice based on my experience. All one can do is gather as much information as one can and make a decision on what makes sense for each person. 
If there is a topic you are interested and you are embarrassed to talk about it with family or a friend.You are more than welcome to email me ( about it and I will answer it to the best of my knowledge.