Surprise You Are A Mom !: Mini Vacay


Monday, January 13, 2014

Mini Vacay

Hard Rock Hotel Stay

Our family is staying at the Hard Rock Hotel until Monday! yay! My husband has a work event here so it's 'hello mini vacation' for my daughter , our dog and I.
Even though we are on vacation , we are still parents. I had to discipline my 19 month old. She decided to take our dog's water bowl and pour it all over the tile floor. She has done this before a handful of times. And I was fed up with it. I had to take action and find my inner "nanny 911" and put her in time-out for one minute . She tried to leave her area before her minute was up. Even though I was tired , I still had to put her back in her corner . She cried and did her dramatic falling down to the ground. But she stayed there until her minute was up.
After her time was up, I explained to her why she was in time out. I know she doesn't fully understand but it will take time for her to comprehend what the concept of time out. Once I was done she gave our dog and I a kiss and a hug. I hope that this incident doesn't happen in the future. But I know it's bound to occur in the future.