Surprise You Are A Mom !: 14th Annual Miracle Miles


Thursday, March 7, 2013

14th Annual Miracle Miles

Tiny Babies, Big Miracles. 

My personal goal is to run the 5k Miracle Miles on September 21,2013. I've lately been wanting to run some sort of marathon for almost 3 years now. But I never found one that I can see myself dedicating time to. I had a few friends run Disney marathons which are great but it didn't stand out that much to me. 
Then I found out that Winnie Palmer Hospital ( the hospital that my daughter was born) has a marathon to raise money for the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). I was so happy to learn about this marathon. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend last year's cause I was informed about it too late :( But this year I am planning to at least run the 5k. My ambitious side of me wants to run the 15k but I'll see how fit I am by September.
The day I gave birth I was originally located at a different hospital on the other side of town when I found out I was pregnant. The doctors told us that I would be in better hands at Winnie Palmer. While having contractions I was taken in an ambulance to Winnie Palmer. Within 2 hours of my arrival my daughter was born. She was a surprise baby miracle born at 4 lbs and 12 oz. Our little miracle was taken to NICU since there wasn't any prenatal history and she was born a few weeks early according to the doctors. We got to the NICU and they placed her in Pod 8 (where the least critical babies were). When we met the nurses, they could tell we were a little nervous. But they were great! They even showed us how to swaddle her, answered any questions and concerns we had. Very patient and informative. If I had to this all over again I wouldn't change Winnie Palmer and their NICU for the world. They helped us out so much that this marathon is a way to say thank you. 
I know at this time I have very few readers but I want to spread the word about this marathon. Even if you are not from Orlando and want to help out you still can! If you are locals but don't want to run you can still help by volunteering for the event or raising money! Click the link to get more information.