Surprise You Are A Mom !: Get creative with your leftovers


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Get creative with your leftovers

What's left over?

Maybe it's just me but I sometimes don't want to eat the leftovers from the other night. I just find it boring. One thing that we make in our household often are quesadillas for lunch. We always have tortillas cause my husband loves it for breakfast. I usually find whatever meat leftover (chicken, pork, grounded beef)  and add  cheese and veggies. Or you can just do a vegetarian quesadilla with veggies and cheese. Its an easy way to have my little one eat her veggies!  I put my quesadilla in the toaster oven on the bake setting and I know its done when I see the cheese all melty.                
Looks delicious doesn't it?