Surprise You Are A Mom !: Google Docs


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Google Docs

Organize Yourself!

I'm pretty sure you wanted to get organized. You start off well. You get a nice planner or any other materials to start off organizing yourself. But then there was that day or two you decided to be lazy.(Hey, it happens you just need a day to yourself!) It becomes a slow crumble of getting back to your disorganized self. 
Trust me I've been there! I've done the white board calendar list, the grocery list on paper and the other million ideas to get organize with bills and grocery shopping.
I've always been that person that was disorganized but organized. But once I started college I had to get my stuff together. Over the years I refined my organizing skills with the help of my husband. He is the organize/clean freak in the relationship. He kind of rubbed it off me and I'm starting to notice on our little one too. I can't complain that she picks up her toys or throws away any trash she sees. 
One thing that my husband introduce me to was Google Docs. This is amazing! You say you have never heard of Google Docs?! This is like my life!
I'm not a super computer person but from my understanding Google Docs is like Microsoft Word, Excel, power-point and etc. But the only difference is that it is cloud base. You do not need the software to install directly to the computer cause it works off the internet. As long as you have a Gmail account you can click on Drive and access any kind of document you need. The great thing about it is that these Docs are portable. I can start typing on my laptop then continue on my husband's computer. And if you have a smart phone you can access it through their app called Google Drive. 
I mainly use Google's Spreadsheet which is like Excel. Like you see on the picture below I made columns ( Items , Quantity, Promotion, Estimated cost, Actual cost). Then I made a bunch of rows but group them into Canned Goods, Dairy, Deli, Meat, Misc, Produce, House Supplies and Pet Items. You can personally adjust these categories to make it easier for yourself. This is what we came up with and works just fine for us.
One thing you notice is how colorful it is. I love this! I can tell the difference what I am looking for when I need to quickly scan the list. Color your list anyway you like it. It's your list!
I made an estimated cost column because I want to be prepared of how much I am spending. To calculate your total you don't need to take out your calculator. All you need to do is highlight your estimated cost column all the way to bottom before the total row and click that Sigma letter (weird E letter). Once you click on that you click SUM and press enter. You will see your total on the Total row.  You also do this to the Actual Cost Column too. 
The purpose of the Actual Cost column acts like a check list you mark off while shopping. And it adds up everything for you at the end. (**Total is before taxes**) 
Like I said this is portable. I always keep adding items to my list through out the week through my phone or laptop. It's great cause I don't have to worry if I lost my list. No more wasting paper!  which is a plus! Your whole family can add items that they would like from the store. I know my husband does when he forgets to tell me that he wants those Tostitos chips and I'm already heading to the store. Gives you less of a headache.