Surprise You Are A Mom !: Happy Easter!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Eggs, Jelly beans and Chocolate! Oh, my !

Well Easter was so much fun! This was the first Easter that my daughter could participate on an Easter egg hunt :) We didn't see family this Easter cause my husband was working most of the weekend. But that is alright! That's why we have our lovely Facetime devices :) 
We started our Easter festivities after my daughter's nap. I was surprised that she didn't want to wake up after sleeping for 2 hours. My husband wanted me to leave her be but I know what would be the consequences if I didn't wake her. It would of meant that she wouldn't want to go to  bed at her normal time. So I compromised that I would let her sleep for another 20-30 minutes extra. 
In the meantime, I started hiding the 18 eggs that I bought and stuffed. I decided to do this egg hunt indoors cause first off we don't live in a house so we are limited to yard space and second lately I've been seeing more and more ant piles forming outside when I walk our dog. Our friend Liz (Auntie Liz) contacted us and wanted to come over. She told me ahead of time that she got our little one a few things for Easter. So this year our little one got 2 baskets! yay! 
By the time our friend and her boyfriend came over it was time for our daughter to wake up. Boy, was she grumpy! 20 minutes later she started to officially wake up. I knew she was wake cause she was pointing at one of the eggs that I have hidden. 
So the egg hunt begins! She found a couple of them on her own but the other ones I guess you can say I hid them well (oops!) So everyone helped guide her to find the other  eggs. She loved finding the eggs. My husband purchased her an Elmo Easter basket for her weeks ago and she used that to place her eggs gently in it. It's funny to see her discover that there is a surprise inside the eggs. Then I guess it clicked in her head that all of them must have a surprise inside. She started shaking them and handing them out to everyone. What can I say, she loves to share.

Next came the baskets! I have been collect items for a month and last night I didn't realize how much stuff I purchased ! Everything that I bought her minus 2 items were only a dollar!  She got an Elmo Coloring book ($1), bunny ears ($1), Easter Sticker Booklet ($1), Pearl Necklace ($1),   Multi color star bracelet ($1),   Hello Kitty Sticker booklet ($1), 1 small bag of Jelly Beans ($1), Magnifying glass ($1), and a set of 3 bubble solution in shape of bunnies ( $1). The basket was about $6 at Walmart and the Elmo Easter tattoo egg was about $2. I couldn't resist purchasing these Sesame Street items. She absolutely LOVES Elmo and his friends. And the basket will work as an organizing bin for her toys ! 

Now on to Auntie Liz's basket! She got her Easter themed Leggos! yay! She was very considerate and cleaned the Leggos for us beforehand. The eggs had Starburst Jelly Beans (they were so yummy! Might purchase myself a bag tomorrow). Liz also added a few chocolate eggs and small stuffed animal. 
Once my daughter tasted those jelly beans she wanted more and more and more. I had to make her stop if not she wouldn't eat her meal. Of course she had a little fit but I distracted her with her new Leggos. 
We didn't do a fancy Easter lunch/dinner. Just kept it simple by eating our leftovers! Which makes it easier on this mommy :) My daughter had so much fun this Easter. It was a simple but a family time Easter! I hope that next year we can spend it with her two cousins Bella and Maddie (who is due to arrive this August ! yay!)