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Monday, March 25, 2013

Tea Lover

Loving Me Some Tea!

I've always been a green tea or chai tea kind of girl. But drinking the same kind of tea gets a bit boring. The other day when I was grocery shopping I was looking at all the teas on shelf. I'm always scared to try new teas and wast $4. But one box caught my eye. The 100% Natural Teas Celestial Seasonings. It was a little under $3 which is great. It has a variety of teas. 
The first one that I tried was the Wild Berry Zinger. I loved this one ! It tasted like Fruit Punch! The tea itself was sweet and didn't need much honey in my opinion. The color of this tea was beautiful! ( like a wine red color)
The next one that tried was the Country Peach Passion. I liked this one too! It tastes exactly as its named. It was a yellowish/brownish color. Just like the first tea it didn't need a lot of honey. 
As you can tell from the last two pictures. I was a bit excited to drink these and almost forgot to take the picture before drinking it! 
The next two teas True Blueberry (left bottom picture) and Black Cherry (Right bottom picture) weren't my favorite but they were just good. I honestly thought they would be strong in flavor like the other ones. As you can tell the colors were just about the same 
And the last one Rasberry Zinger was good. It looked just like the Wild Berry Zinger. I love Rasberry tea but this one was on the weak side. But it was still good. Sorry I didn't take a picture of it.
 From the looks of it ( is should say taste lol) that I'm going to buy 2 new boxes of teas which are the Wild Berry Zinger and Country Peach Passion.