Surprise You Are A Mom !: Baby Products Review


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baby Products Review

Boon High Chair

 Our family was very generous and purchase a lot of the important items we needed since our pregnancy was extremely short noticed. But one item that we never really thought of was the high chair. It wasn't until our little one was getting closer to eating solid food that it occurred to us that we needed one and soon. 
Like many parents, I went online for hours to find a high chair. We went to the typical websites like babies'r'us, Amazon and many more. Just to see what is out there. Compared prices. Read a million reviews. But there is one that caught our eye. The Boon Pedestal Highchair. I really wanted to get it but was too pricey in my opinion. So I showed different options to my husband and he didn't like any of them. So I showed him the boon high chair. He absolutely loved the look of it. Very modern looking. Then we read the reviews and we were completely sold on it. 

When we received the item we unpacked it as quickly as we could. My husband assembled it within 30 minutes. The quality is great. The highchair is material free of the following Phthalate, BPA, Latex, PVC, and Nitrosamine. 
It's very easy to clean. I just take out the padded seat and wash it by hand and let it dry till the next use and wipe down the chair with Lysol. The other high chairs we looked at had a fabric padding which would of required to wash in the washing machine. That sounded like such a hassle.

The trays are dishwasher safe but I barely use the dishwasher so I also wash it by hand. Some people complained that the tray were too small but its the right amount of space for a plate and a cup. A baby doesn't need no more space than that. It does come with two trays. The first white tray clicks in to the actual chair and the second tray is see through which goes on top of the first tray. The second tray makes it even more easier for clean up. I would sometimes use the second tray as a plate. I'd place the  cheerios or any hand picking food item and when she was done I would just lift the second tray and wash it. Instead of two items to wash all i would be cleaning just one.  

We always adjust our daughter's chair so she can color or paint at our dinning table.The chair's height can be adjusted by pressing the button that is located on the base. It's almost like a barber's chair. But make sure you don't adjust it while the baby is in it. If the chair is at it's lowest level and you press the button it springs up the chair to the highest level quickly.  

One feature that I saw on other high chairs was the recline. The boon highchair has no recline. To be honest we didn't really need it. My baby of 6 months at the time was fine eating without the recline option.

As you probably noticed in the pictures that the highchair doesn't have the seat-belts/harness. The boon chair does come with it. It has straps that come over each shoulder and the hip area.  I personally decided that my daughter was old enough that she did not need them. The only time I would put a seat-belt/harness is when I'm not using the tray. But that is a rare occasion that I do that. 
If you don't like the color of padded chair you can always purchase a different color. There are now pink, light blue, green and white on Amazon for about $30. Even though this chair is a little pricey it's worth purchasing it! My daughter uses this chair a handful of times throughout the day.
I hope you found this review helpful. And makes it easier to make your decision :-)