Surprise You Are A Mom !: Cleaning adventures continue


Monday, April 15, 2013

Cleaning adventures continue

Little One's Room

I wish I had a before picture of her room. But any parent can imagine it. Legos, books, stuffed animals all over the floor. My daughter is not the only one that plays in this room. Our furry family member Harvey hangs out here too.

As you see this room has carpet and his hair gets everywhere! I normally vacuum every 2 days. But this time I brought in carpet cleaner and many more items to make sure I cleaned the room right.
 I start cleaning from the top and work my way down. First was the fan. I used my Swiffer dry refill sheets. I know that these Swiffer sheets are meant for the floor but it picks up the dust very well. A plus on using these sheets is that I don't need to use a spray! Once I was done there I saw that some of the corners of the walls were dusty. So I got another Swiffer sheet and step ladder so I can reach those spots and wiped it down. Next thing to tackle were the blinds. I honestly hate these blinds. But they need to get cleaned. Again I used the Swiffer sheets. Next was wiping down the lamp, frames and the bookshelf. I took out all the toys from the shelves and used Pledge wood cleaner and a towel and wiped it down. After dusting and wiping down everything I moved furniture to vacuum. I did this in sections to make it easier. While vacuuming, my daughter was in her crib. Our dog thinks the vacuum is devil. Barks at it every time I pull it out. So in the bathroom he went so I don't have to deal with him and vacuum in peace.  
And this is my cleaning results! 

I know the toy disaster will be there the following day but at least she will playing is a clean room :)