Surprise You Are A Mom !: Cleaning inspiration


Friday, April 12, 2013

Cleaning inspiration

Cleaning like Crazy! 

Thought that I'd share that for some reason I've been on this journey of deep cleaning our home. I honestly did not know what got over me. But it all started with a need to clean the back of the fridge. It was driving me insane. At night I would visualize how disgusting it might be back there since I last cleaned it about 10 months ago. 
So what is a mom to do ? Wait till the little one takes a nap and start cleaning it! 
I had to remove everything that was on top of the fridge. And I found some hidden treasures there. Japanese gummy candies that my husband purchased when he went to California for a business trip. They were so delicious at first. But he purchased soooo much that we got sick of them and stored them on the top of the fridge behind our cereal boxes. Fast forward almost 2 years, now they are all expired and in a dusty container! (eeww!) Rest in peace candies that didn't fulfill their destinies. In the garbage they went! 
Another treasure were Cliff granola/power bars. I personally don't eat these cause for some reason these bars get me sick. But my husband decided to purchase a huge box of peanut butter flavor. (Yuck! I personally don't like peanut butter ) It was suppose to be his "go to" snack when he is working. But of course he got sick of it. I tried to remind him about them months after  he purchase them but I was tired of being a broken record so I stopped. So they laid there with the Japanese gummy candies getting all dusty until they expired as well. 

After removing everything on top of the fridge I saw how dusty it was. You can so tell the area that I wipe down daily. After cleaning the top of the fridge I had to move the fridge so I can get to the back of it. Yes, I did that on my own without any help. Mind you I am about 5'4" tall and the fridge is bigger and heavier than me. It took some time to move but it got done. 

Then the horror! :-O

There were more dust to clean up and old spills too. I found a couple of coupons and papers on the side. I wiped down the walls with Lysol swept the floor a couple of times. I even got on my knees and used my mini brush and dustpan to make sure I got everything out of there. ( I would of used my vacuum but our dog barks at it so that wasn't an option)
 After cleaning the back and sides of the fridge it was time to put everything back. I almost kicked the dumb fridge out of frustration of it not budging. I felt like Ross from Friends when he was moving a giant sofa through the staircase and kept yelling 'Pivot!' After a couple of different attempts and positions of moving the fridge it finally decided to be nice to me and move back into its place. 
Once I was done putting everything back, my little one decided to wake up from her nap. Doesn't she have good timing?! 
There will be many more stories of my cleaning adventures to come!