Surprise You Are A Mom !: It's Cayenee Pepper not Kanye Pepper


Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's Cayenee Pepper not Kanye Pepper

Dinner Recipe!

Looking for an easy recipe?! Well this Glazed Pork Chops Recipe might do the trick! Not only is it easy but has tons of flavor! Would of posted personal picture of my meal but we were all so hungry! Besides the pork chops we had rice and corn. It was delicious! Even my husband wanted to know if we would have leftovers for tomorrow. Unfortunately I didn't make that much this time but the next I will make sure to do so. For those who are sensitive to spicy food this does have a small kick so be advised. 
On a side note my husband kept making fun of me cause I would list all the ingredients in the recipe. When it came to Cayenee Pepper I would say Kanye Pepper. Of course my husband would respond "Kanye is a rapper not a spice" with a laugh. 
Oh well ! Hope you enjoy this recipe :-)