Surprise You Are A Mom !: Looking back...


Friday, April 26, 2013

Looking back...

How Did We Do It ?

As my daughter's birthday approaches. It makes me think back to her first year. The challenge it was to adapt from being a young adult with no real responsibilities and then being completely blindsided with the birth of our daughter. 
Many parents had 9 months to plan, read and research what they would be getting themselves into. But my husband and I just used common sense and our instincts. We didn't read a million baby books. I personally feel that those books freak other parents out and makes them more nervous than they really should. I am not condoning from parents to not to read them. You are more than welcome to do so. And it also doesn't hurt to read a little just to see if your child's development is on point. After all you are new parents and want to make sure everything is normal. 
One of the few things we used to do to our daughter was to always have noise around. I am not saying loud obnoxious noise. We would but music on low when she would sleep or nap. My mother-in-law didn't like that. Cause she is old school and feels that babies are too delicate with noise. But we decided to do what felt right for us.
We would watch movies with her. Even go to the movie theater with her. I remember we went to see The Avengers and other action/loud movies. The most she would fuss was probably once. We kept training her with this technique from the moment she came home from the hospital. And it has paid off.
People would always compliment us on how quiet our baby was and of course how adorable she is too. When my husband would travel to Tampa for work, we would stay in this historic district called Ybor City. My husband and I love this little town. You can walk anywhere. There is this one restaurant called The Laughing Cat. It's a very well known there. But it is very noisy. People talking, music playing and sometimes you can hear the chef argue (its kinda of entertaining). Our little one decided to go to bed for the night while all this noise was going on. It was quite amusing. When the chef of the restaurant came by to see how the food was, he was shocked how easily she slept with everything going on around her.
Pandora was great tool we used as a resource of music. The channels we used were Interpol, Death Cab for Cutie, The Cure, KT Tunstall , and  Pampers Baby lullabies. Just to name a few. 
For new parents, I hope this helps with your new one. Just remember to keep it low.