Surprise You Are A Mom !: More Cleaning


Friday, April 26, 2013

More Cleaning

My  Crazy Cleaning continues...

This week I accomplished a lot. I am quite proud of myself. I've deep cleaned my bathroom and my daughter's/guest bathroom too. I did it within the 2 hour nap time that my daughter takes.
Cleaning my daughter's bath took a little longer cause I had to give our dog, Harvey, a little hair cut, a bath, and completely dry his hair (if not he would of looked like a big fuzz ball lol). My husband helped me out with our little one so I could finish. But nonetheless it got done. I got rid of any medication that expired or any items we no longer use. 
Earlier this week I decided to tackle the laundry room. The bottom pictures is proof that I do get disorganized. When I clean daily, I usually grab the items that I need and then shove them back onto the shelf. After a while, I either forget what items I need to purchase or when I want to grab an item a million things fall on me. So I got tired of that and decided to organize it.

Disorganized washing machine side of the laundry room.
Disorganized dryer machine side of the laundry room. 
Just like with the bathrooms, I got rid of some things we no longer needed and re-organized my cleaning supplies. I also reused some boxes we had in there to store our extra brown bags/gift bags and for our daily cleaning supply items. I am planning to go to the store to purchase a plastic bin for my daily cleaning supplies cause I know the box will get damage easily. But for now the box will do.
In the process of organizing the shelves, I noticed the amount of dust/dirt the back of my machines had. Just like what I did with the fridge the previous week, I moved it forward so I can get to the back. It was pretty bad. Since my laundry room is really small, I was limited in space. Which made it difficult for me to physically get back there. So I invented a tool for myself. I took the rod from the dustpan and rolled a rag with a old hair tie (a rubber band should work fine too) and sprayed the floor with Lysol. I used my new nifty tool to get the areas I couldn't get to. 

And these were the results !

This is how my laundry looks like now :) Makes it easier to do laundry now and get a hold of the items that I need too.