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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our journey so far..

House Hunting

Last year we were looking into purchasing a house. (We are starting to run out of room here!) Prior to looking, for a year (almost 2) my husband has been fixing his credit with one credit score company. Once we saw that we were in the credit score range we felt comfortable we then proceeded to house hunt with our Realtor. 
It was so exciting and frustrating at the same time. Some houses had an amazing size kitchen but the rooms were really small or it would be the opposite. After a few weeks we finally found one house that we fell in love with! It's a pre-construction home. So everything would be new! :) (we were honestly surprise how affordable these homes are!)
Once we agreed on the lot we thought we were set. But unfortunately we got bad news. Apparently our mortgage consultant said he could not find any credit history of my husband. It was very odd! So my husband called the other 2 credit score companies and they had old accounts that should have been resolved since it was deleted with the other credit company that we were working with. This was all going on during November of last year. We dealt with those accounts but it takes 30 business days to get an official response per account. By then it would of been the end of December. We crossed our fingers hoping no one takes our lot. 
Then early January hits. Our mortgage consultant tells us we have to open at least 2 credit cards so we can have active credit and to bring up our credit score ( cause they take the average not the highest score) So it's another waiting game at that point. It was so discouraging! :-/ At that point we knew we had lost our lot space.
Then yesterday my husband contacted our mortgage consultant to see where we stand. We got the best news ever! He said our score is perfect for the loan that we are looking for and he will start our pre-approval forms. Basically (from what I understand) that means that if we find a house ,lets say tomorrow, we can have the go ahead with the paperwork with no problems :-) We called our Realtor to tell her the good news. She then called the company of the house we wanted to see if the lot is still  available.  (It doesn't hurt to ask !) We haven't heard from them yet. In the meantime, we honestly tried looking at other homes and nothing compared to this one. But we are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping there is a lot available. It would be amazing if the lot we chose is still there. 

One tip that our mortgage consultant gave us about credit cards is to only use 25% of your credit limit. So for example, your limit is $500 you then use $125. No more, no less. This will help you with bring up your credit. We have been doing this since January and it works!
 Thought I'd share :)