Surprise You Are A Mom !: Spring Time Craft


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Time Craft


I saw this in Pinterest and again in a couple of other mom blogs doing this craft. So I defiantly needed to do this too! My 22 month old loved painting these egg cartons. It was a bit challenging for her cause she would paint them but at the same time push them away from her. But she got the hand of it.
We did the painting part before her bath time. I knew she would end up having paint everywhere. After she was done painting, we let our "flowers" dry while bath time. And this is how pretty they turned out.!

While she was taking a nap I got some pipe cleaners.

And cut them in half. You don't need to be symmetrical. Uneven lengths are ok too.

Then you poke a tiny hole at the bottom of the egg carton.

See tiny hole. I honestly thought how can a pipe cleaner go throw there?

But it was more than enough room for it. Once the pipe cleaner goes through make a ball like shape of the top tip of the pipe cleaner. I've seen some blogs where they glue the pipe cleaners but I honestly didn't feel like doing that and wasting glue. But if you feel better doing so you can.

Pull down the pipe cleaner until you can't. And this is what you get !

It looks so pretty when you have a bouquet of "flowers"!

My daughter loved them! She FaceTime with her grandma and was trying to give it her through my phone. That was just too adorable!

Another idea you  can do is make a flower headband. I saw this idea in one the Arts and Crafts communities. You can probably play dress up with your little ones and be fairies or princesses.
Once my daughter is tired of the bouquet, I'll convert them into a headband. But for now she is happy with what we made.