Surprise You Are A Mom !: May 2013


Saturday, May 25, 2013


YouTube is a great way to entertain yourself with the million videos of cats. But I find it to be a useful tool. 
I want to share two YouTube Channels that I am currently subscribe to. These channels are great with helping you clean and organize your space. 
You might have heard of Melissa Maker Clean My Space . She basically covers pretty much everything. From how to clean an iPad to DIY cleaners. After watching a couple of videos I learn a few cleaning tips. 
The other channel is Alejandra Home Organizing . She teaches me a new way of organizing. In her videos she mentions the items she purchases but also gives you alternative if you don't have the money to splurge on organizing tools. 
I hope you find these channels useful. 
Feel free to share any channels or websites you use. It can be about clean/organizing to baking/cooking. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

How do you keep your marriage alive ?

After the baby

Before having our daughter, my husband and I would go to a comedy show or go out to dinner together. Sometimes couples have a hard time balancing being parents and a spouse. We had  a little challenge at the beginning but we found our own balance.
We now don't have the luxury to go out on a date that often as we would like. As I mentioned before we don't have family up here to baby sit our little one. And our friends schedule sometimes doesn't accommodate the times we would like to go out. 
So what can we do ?
Instead of going out on a date, we have dates at home. It might not be appealing to some. But it works. After my daughter goes to bed. My husband and I watch a movie or play a video game. It's our time with no baby.
Make small gestures. A great example is what my husband did for me.
He surprised me with cheesecake. Godiva cheese cake I should say. It was soo yummy! 

In our early years of dating he would surprise me with a rose or with my favorite chocolates. As years goes by these little gestures slowly declined. Not saying he is lazy but life just happens. 
Anytime he does these surprises it just brings me back to the early years of our relationship. 
Other things I do is flirt with my husband. I sometimes send kissing smiley face text or give him a nice kiss before he leave to go to work or in the morning. 
Find time to have sex. You read that right.
 I know life happens and you're tired at the end of the day. But you have to make it time for it. I am not saying to be super romantic and have candles and roses every time. Do it while your little one is napping, wake up a little early for it or do it at night (you might have a late night but it will be worth it)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Feeling sick...

Yet Again!

I got sick again! It started on Saturday evening. Scratchy throat with chills. Over night my body was aching. I couldn't really do anything. We had friends staying over the weekend. I felt bad that I couldn't make them lunch/dinner. All I could really do is breakfast. That was really my limit. 
After playing with my daughter (as much as I could) it was nap time. I was grateful for nap time cause that meant I could take a nap too.
My husband was really sweet. He got me my pillow and super cozy socks. I slept on the sofa while my husband and his friends were playing video games. 
Before I knew it, my daughter woke up from her nap. I was still achy and the pressure in my head was pretty bad. I forced myself to make my daughter lunch. After her lunch, I was in and out of sleep. 
My daughter is in this phase where she likes to jump or walk (depending how close they are) from the ottoman to our main sofa. We told her a couple of time to sit down. She did obey but continued doing over and over. We should of put her in timeout thinking about it now.
But she is in the toddler stage. She probably thinks she is wonder woman or something. My reflexes weren't up to par that day. And of course she fell. I felt so horrible. My husband was upset with me. I felt so bad that I took my daughter her room and closed the door. I was just hugging her and kissing her and of course crying. I felt like the worst mother ever at that moment. 
After a few second of doing that my daughter was over it and wanted to wiggle out and play with her toys. At that point I knew she was fine. So I pulled myself together continued to play with her. She noticed that I was crying and pointed at my eyes. She asked 'okay?' (which was basically asking 'Are you okay?') She is so sweet. 
Monday morning I felt better than previous day but as the day went on I got worse. My husband asked me if I wanted to order in. I honestly didn't want to waste money but I couldn't do anything. So we ordered Chinese. 

Had some soup. It felt so good for my throat. Should of ordered a gallon of it. (lol)
Then came time for fortune cookies! I open mine and I got 2 fortunes in one! That has never happened to me before. 

After dinner, my daughter and I continued to play until it was time clean up her room for bed time. By 9 pm she was in bed. 
My husband and I went to bed and watched 2 episodes of Friends and went to bed early. 
Today I feel so much better. I am able to do more than these past couple of days. It's so refreshing. I'm doing laundry, went grocery shopping this morning, dishes are cleaned, swept and mopped the floors, cleaned the kitty litter and did a quick clean up in our guest bathroom. My husband always tells me that I'm the glue that holds everything together. I am starting to think that he is right. Without me he wouldn't know where to find his work clothes let alone underwear!
Moms, what happens when you are sick ? Does your household falls apart easily?
 Luckily my household didn't fall apart but if I were sick longer I think it might have. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Movie Filled Week

The Internship, Now You See Me, Fast & The Furious 6, Star Trek Into Darkness

For the past week or so, my husband and I and of course our little one have gone to the movies a handful of times. My husband has a friend who does pre-screening for movies and has invited us before but we never had time or we weren't that interested in the movie that was showing. 
It was great to actually go out to the movies. We haven't done that in a long time. It almost felt like our dating years. When we lived in South Florida we would almost go every other week to movies. Actually, our first date was to see a movie. But now its plus toddler. Which is fine with us. 
I must say it is a little challenging to go to the movies with a toddler. Especially if it's a movie that doesn't involve her favorite characters. When we watched 'The Internship' she behaved very well. She laughed when everyone else was laughing. I'm pretty sure she didn't understand why she was laughing but she is in a stage where she mimics people. She sat on my lap just fine with minor fussiness that was fixed with snacks.
While waiting for the movie 'The Internship'
The other movie was 'Now You See Me'. My husband went on his own for this pre-screening. Our little one and I were pooped (mainly me) from the movies the previous day so we didn't go to this one. The problem about the pre-screenings are that you have to get there early and wait in line for an hour sometimes 2 before the showing. Plus adding another 2 hours for the actual movie. It gets exhausting with a toddler. When we were waiting for 'The Internship' our daughter was running down back and forth the hall where we were waiting. My goal was to tired her out so she can sit still for the actual movie which really worked. 
Earlier this week we got to see a pre-screening for the 'Fast And The Furious 6'. Our toddler was not having it half way through the movie. I had to leave my seat before she became a problem.The only thing I could do is hold her while I was standing up so I could watch the movie by the exiting doors.
This weekend we had a couple of friends staying over from South Florida. Today we went to watch 'Star Trek Into Darkness' in 3D. We were shocked that we had to purchase a ticket for little one since she is not even two yet. But at least it was the early bird special at the movie theater. It costed us about $30 for all three of us. I am surprise how expensive it is to go to the movies with a family. 
For Mother's day we couldn't do the things we wanted to since my husband had to go to work that day so he could have this weekend off. He felt bad so he purchased me these beautiful flowers and sweets! It wasn't one treat but 3 treats! All for me. :-) One chocolate covered strawberry, chocolate cake and a cinnamon bun with frosting. They were delicious!

My husband not only gave me flowers but he gave one to our daughter. (Wasn't that cute?!) She made Harvey (our dog) sniff it. He didn't like it since it wasn't food. 

This week not only did we go to the movies but we went to Daytona Beach since my husband had to work there for a few hours. We killed time by going to Pet Smart  and Barnes and Noble. She enjoyed looking at the hamsters and birds. I'm pretty sure if she were to actually touch them she would squeeze them like her stuff animals. 
How was your week? How was your Mother's Day?

I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day Weekend! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I wanted to wish all of the moms out there a great Mother's day! Not only is today mother's day but I would like to think that everyday is mother's day. We, moms, have a gift everyday to see a little one grow to be a their own person. The way they learn how to walk to learning how to become independent. Don't get me wrong we will get a rough patch here and there but we , moms, over look all of that and see the positive side of our child(ren). 
After being a mom I have a deeper appreciation for my mom and my Abuelita (that's grandma in Spanish). Realizing all the work and sacrifice they have done as parents to me, my siblings and Tios and Tias there is just not enough cards or gifts to repay them. I wish them many more Mother's Day celebrations and hope in the future we can really celebrate them together. :-)
For those that are single dads and are doing the parenting alone. I also want to say Happy Mother's Day to you. Being 2 parents in one is very challenging. I admire your strength and love for your kids. I had a few friends who only had one parent and I could only imagine how hard  it was on them. Single Dads enjoy this day as well! 
Have a wonderful mother's day! 

"Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever."

Friday, May 10, 2013


Before kids , after kids

I feel many parents go through this phase or probably are in this phase in your life.
Before having a kid I would hang out with a few friends. Dropping by at their place since I was in the neighborhood or have a drink or two at the local bar. I'm not saying that I was super social butterfly but I was social .
Then after having a baby it changed. Friends don't call that often as they used to. Therefore your social life takes a plunge.
What did I do to change that? 
 I've confronted them cause I wanted to know and understand why. Their excuses were 'I know you have your hands full' or 'I don't know when it is an appropriate time to call'.
Before asking my friends, I felt kinda down. Not saying that my baby didn't make me happy but it would of been nice to just get a text or call from friends. Just cause you have a baby doesn't mean you're strictly a mom. Moms need to hang out with friends too. ( Dads too!) If not you'll get stir crazy! 
I am not saying ditch the family completely. You are still a parent after all. You just have to make time. Contact your friends. Talk to them and make plans that way they know what are really your new limits. Before you know it you'll be back to your old you (plus a baby). 
"The first step binds one to the second" French Proverb

Wonderful Weather

in Sunny Florida

After a weeks worth of rain, the sun finally came out to play! The grass is so green. The flowers were blooming. My daughter, our dog (Harvey) and I usually take a morning walk. But it was so nice out that not only did we take a longer walk but had 2 walks each day. 
The weather was perfect. It was breezy and warm (not humid like it normally is here) I wish was at the beach to be honest. 
What's the weather like where you live?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just wanted to share

Found out about Walmart's clearance section

Last week, as you know, it wasn't the greatest week for me. But I did do a little shopping for myself. (which is rare) While waiting for my battery I walked through Walmart's millions of aisles to pass the time. 
My husband was talking to a worker there and was informed about the clearance sections through out Walmart  She told us about women's shirt for $1 and a pack of socks for 50 cents! So of course we went on a search for these items. I found a bunch of shirts for $1. They weren't really advertised well. Some racks said $3 but a few items were actually $1. I got 2 shirts. One was a University of Florida shirt (not really a fan but hey it's a $1) and the other one was a typical tourist Florida shirt (not bad looking to be honest) Then we went to the kitchen and we found a handle of things on clearance. There were a few things that caught my eye. 
I found a crock pot for 9 bucks! I've been wanting to purchase a slow cooker for a while especially since I have a board on Pinterest dedicated just on slow cooker meals! I also found Popsicle molds for $3! Summer is coming up and this would be great to make for those hot summer days. 
Now that I know about these clearance sections at Walmart I'm gonna start keeping a look out for them. You'll never know what you'll find ! 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sending invites

My daughter's 2nd Birthday! 

Well I've been planning my daughter's birthday for months now. I've been waiting to send the invites that I made! I got delayed with a couple of hiccups this week. The car thing, then the funk thing, then waiting for the envelopes that I ordered and now the rain! 
But they were finally sent and they should be arriving to my family and friends early this week. :)
As you can see the theme is Sesame Street! She loves Elmo and his friends. She knows all the  characters and says most of their names too! So it was a no brain-er to make this her birthday theme.

You must be thinking how did she made these invites?! Well I used my handy dandy tool called Google Docs ! I mentioned this tool in a previous post back in March. 
There is a handful of Docs you can use like Spreadsheet (Equivalent to Excel), Document (Equivalent to Word) and Drawing (Equivalent to Paint). I used the Drawing Doc for the invites.
Some people might be thinking why didn't you just purchase the invites?  Well my answer is I can customize the colors and theme to my liking.  
I'm not saying to ditch generic sesame street invites or any invites for that matter. Yes, I understand that it would of been easier. But when I was younger my mom would always make the invites by hand. And they were special. I still remember my little sister's invite of Tweety bird.  There was always something that my mom made from scratch for my birthdays and my siblings birthdays too. And I hope to do that for my daughter too.
But making them is not hard at all! I would recommend looking through other invites and see what inspires you. Very Important advice is making sure you have time to make them. This took me about 3 months to make. I kept going back to the invites so I can tweak it here and there. I was finally done last month. All I had to do is print. 
I got the sesame street pictures through Google images. When you use Google images, always search for transparent color. This makes it easier when you want to layer a picture.  You would click on search tools then color then transparent.

When printing these invites, always do a tester invite. The reason you do a tester is that sometimes the size you printed wasn't right or you found something on the actual invite that needed some attention. And don't use regular printer paper, use card stock paper (the pack only cost under $4 for 100 count). Also when printing these invites go through your preferences. It usually ask which printer, paper size, quality , and paper type. When printing on card stock always put the paper type as card stock and best quality. Doing so makes the colors on your invite vibrant.  And lastly make sure you have ink for your printer! 
Since I printed my invites 5 x 7 inches I needed to purchase a special size envelopes. They are called booklet envelopes. You can easily find them on Amazon and they carry a bunch of different colors. 
I went to the Dollar Tree a couple of months ago and saw that they sold Sesame Street stickers. So I snatched a couple of these not knowing what I would really do with them. Before sending invites I used these stickers as a sealer for the envelopes. It added a nice touch to the invites. 

I hope that this can give you ideas for your own invites. You don't always have to make invites. You can make mother's/father's day cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, or even anniversary cards. 
Just get creative :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Con Grats to the Grad!

To My Little Sister

I want to dedicate this post to my little sister who just graduated Miami Dade College. (Yay!) And is now going off to be part of the Canes family (University of Miami)! So happy for her and her bright future ahead. I am so proud to be your sister! I wish I was down there to celebrate with you.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Being in a Funk..


After my family left I was back to my normal routine. Which was fine. But on Tuesday for some reason I wasn't really wanting to do anything. It felt like any task that I tried to accomplish was as if I were dragging my feet to do it. 
Then to make matters worse. My car broke down! :-/ I was very lucky that someone helped me push my car to a gas station. They tried to jump start my car. It would run but by the time I wanted to move it to drive it shut down completely. And the gentlemen were gone by that time. 
All I could  do is wait. Wait until my husband arrived. He was working from home that day so he wasn't no more than 20 minutes away but it felt longer since it was hot out and I was with the little one. Once my husband came over. I was a little stress and he could see that. He calmed me down while we were waiting to jump start my car. It had enough battery life until we were down about 4 blocks and it completely died. My husband and I had to push my car until we got to a local bank parking lot while there was evening traffic. We attempted to jump start my car a couple of times. But unfortunately it was a no go.
 Good thing that my husband has AAA so we called a tow truck to tow our car home. While we waited it was getting closer to dinner time. There was Boston Market next to the bank. I was soo grateful! Our daughter was getting crabby and the little snacks that I usually carry wasn't cutting it. I at first didn't feel like eating cause of the whole situation. But after a while talking to my husband, I began to have an appetite. I am just grateful that this whole situation played out when my husband was in town. Cause I know I would be freaking out otherwise. 
The following day I still felt like I was in the same funk. Not really wanting to do anything. Cleaning dishes was big chore for me. I normally don't think twice and automatically clean dishes right away. But I would let it pile up until lunch time (I know it's gross and really lazy). I just didn't feel like dealing with my daughter trying to touch the dishwasher racks (I use the dishwasher as a drying rack for my dishes). 
So yesterday my husband finally had enough time to take me to a Walmart to see if my battery needed to be switched or recharged. After going out and doing a little shopping. I felt like my funk was completely gone. 
I really don't know what really got me into that state. Maybe laziness. Maybe just doing the same routine all the time. Just wondering if other moms or even dads get this way?

Family Time

At the Parks Again!

This past weekend I was with my father in law and sister in law. My husband tells me about 3 days before they arrive that they are coming for the weekend. Luckily, I've been deep cleaning our home for a couple of weeks so I wasn't too worried. And yes we did use our annual passes for Universal. We love going to the Parks! Disney is great but I don't want to ruin the magic by going there all the time. We actually went to Islands of Adventure first this time. My husband couldn't join us cause of work. But my daughter loved spending time with her grandpa and Tia ( that's aunt in Spanish) . She screams out grandpa all the time now. It just makes me so happy cause I know it makes my father in law happy and puts a smile on his face too. 
One of the perks of Island of Adventures is the butter beer! I must admit the frozen version of this drink is way better !! I made the mistake of getting the regular version! It was still good but not as great as the frozen one. We didn't go to the any of the Harry Potter rides cause they were all 45 minutes to an hour wait time. We got there a little late in the day. 

We were mainly in the Seuss Landing area. My daughter loved it! We rode the Caro-Seuss-el which is basically a carousel. I was surprised how fast it went. It's not super fast but compared to those in a carnival/fair it went slightly fast. We then went to The Cat In The Hat ride. This was so much fun. Lots of turns. Then we went to The High in the Sky Trolley Train Ride. You get a nice view of the park. The wait time for these rides didn't exceed 30 minutes. Caro-Seuss-el was the shortest wait time which was about 7 minutes. 

 We wanted to do Jurassic Park River Adventure, but it was closed temporally. So we headed to the Marvel area of the park. My father in law and sister in law rode the Hulk Ride while I stayed behind with my little one so she can take her nap. At this time it must of been 4 pm. It was way past her nap time and I started noticing that she wasn't really into the park as we first entered. She slept through all the noise that the coaster made plus the noise of the crowd. Good thing we taught her how to sleep through the noise.

Once we were done with Islands of Adventure we hopped over to Universal Studios. We only did one ride , Shrek 3-D. We then got ice cream at Ben and Jerry's (which is located inside the park) We wanted to do another ride but it was getting close to closing time. So we decided to leave.
 I called my lovely husband to see what he wanted to do for dinner. After an hour (probably more) of figuring out what we all wanted for dinner. We ended up going to Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant. Their portions are HUGE! There is either small (which is what I got) that can feed 2-3 people or large that can feed 4-5 people. We were so full that night. There was enough leftovers for all of us for lunch the following day. 

On Monday we got to see my niece ! My daughter had a chance to play with her cousin. (yay!) All of our family lives down in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. So we get really excited to see our niece or any other family member and friends. It was really nice to just hang out and see how the girls would interact. They did very well. They played together and somehow had like a secret language going on between them. It was very adorable. I wished we lived closer so they get to hang out more. But we will get another opportunity to see them since they are coming up for my daughter's birthday in June. :-D