Surprise You Are A Mom !: Being in a Funk..


Friday, May 3, 2013

Being in a Funk..


After my family left I was back to my normal routine. Which was fine. But on Tuesday for some reason I wasn't really wanting to do anything. It felt like any task that I tried to accomplish was as if I were dragging my feet to do it. 
Then to make matters worse. My car broke down! :-/ I was very lucky that someone helped me push my car to a gas station. They tried to jump start my car. It would run but by the time I wanted to move it to drive it shut down completely. And the gentlemen were gone by that time. 
All I could  do is wait. Wait until my husband arrived. He was working from home that day so he wasn't no more than 20 minutes away but it felt longer since it was hot out and I was with the little one. Once my husband came over. I was a little stress and he could see that. He calmed me down while we were waiting to jump start my car. It had enough battery life until we were down about 4 blocks and it completely died. My husband and I had to push my car until we got to a local bank parking lot while there was evening traffic. We attempted to jump start my car a couple of times. But unfortunately it was a no go.
 Good thing that my husband has AAA so we called a tow truck to tow our car home. While we waited it was getting closer to dinner time. There was Boston Market next to the bank. I was soo grateful! Our daughter was getting crabby and the little snacks that I usually carry wasn't cutting it. I at first didn't feel like eating cause of the whole situation. But after a while talking to my husband, I began to have an appetite. I am just grateful that this whole situation played out when my husband was in town. Cause I know I would be freaking out otherwise. 
The following day I still felt like I was in the same funk. Not really wanting to do anything. Cleaning dishes was big chore for me. I normally don't think twice and automatically clean dishes right away. But I would let it pile up until lunch time (I know it's gross and really lazy). I just didn't feel like dealing with my daughter trying to touch the dishwasher racks (I use the dishwasher as a drying rack for my dishes). 
So yesterday my husband finally had enough time to take me to a Walmart to see if my battery needed to be switched or recharged. After going out and doing a little shopping. I felt like my funk was completely gone. 
I really don't know what really got me into that state. Maybe laziness. Maybe just doing the same routine all the time. Just wondering if other moms or even dads get this way?