Surprise You Are A Mom !: Family Time


Friday, May 3, 2013

Family Time

At the Parks Again!

This past weekend I was with my father in law and sister in law. My husband tells me about 3 days before they arrive that they are coming for the weekend. Luckily, I've been deep cleaning our home for a couple of weeks so I wasn't too worried. And yes we did use our annual passes for Universal. We love going to the Parks! Disney is great but I don't want to ruin the magic by going there all the time. We actually went to Islands of Adventure first this time. My husband couldn't join us cause of work. But my daughter loved spending time with her grandpa and Tia ( that's aunt in Spanish) . She screams out grandpa all the time now. It just makes me so happy cause I know it makes my father in law happy and puts a smile on his face too. 
One of the perks of Island of Adventures is the butter beer! I must admit the frozen version of this drink is way better !! I made the mistake of getting the regular version! It was still good but not as great as the frozen one. We didn't go to the any of the Harry Potter rides cause they were all 45 minutes to an hour wait time. We got there a little late in the day. 

We were mainly in the Seuss Landing area. My daughter loved it! We rode the Caro-Seuss-el which is basically a carousel. I was surprised how fast it went. It's not super fast but compared to those in a carnival/fair it went slightly fast. We then went to The Cat In The Hat ride. This was so much fun. Lots of turns. Then we went to The High in the Sky Trolley Train Ride. You get a nice view of the park. The wait time for these rides didn't exceed 30 minutes. Caro-Seuss-el was the shortest wait time which was about 7 minutes. 

 We wanted to do Jurassic Park River Adventure, but it was closed temporally. So we headed to the Marvel area of the park. My father in law and sister in law rode the Hulk Ride while I stayed behind with my little one so she can take her nap. At this time it must of been 4 pm. It was way past her nap time and I started noticing that she wasn't really into the park as we first entered. She slept through all the noise that the coaster made plus the noise of the crowd. Good thing we taught her how to sleep through the noise.

Once we were done with Islands of Adventure we hopped over to Universal Studios. We only did one ride , Shrek 3-D. We then got ice cream at Ben and Jerry's (which is located inside the park) We wanted to do another ride but it was getting close to closing time. So we decided to leave.
 I called my lovely husband to see what he wanted to do for dinner. After an hour (probably more) of figuring out what we all wanted for dinner. We ended up going to Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant. Their portions are HUGE! There is either small (which is what I got) that can feed 2-3 people or large that can feed 4-5 people. We were so full that night. There was enough leftovers for all of us for lunch the following day. 

On Monday we got to see my niece ! My daughter had a chance to play with her cousin. (yay!) All of our family lives down in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. So we get really excited to see our niece or any other family member and friends. It was really nice to just hang out and see how the girls would interact. They did very well. They played together and somehow had like a secret language going on between them. It was very adorable. I wished we lived closer so they get to hang out more. But we will get another opportunity to see them since they are coming up for my daughter's birthday in June. :-D