Surprise You Are A Mom !: Feeling sick...


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Feeling sick...

Yet Again!

I got sick again! It started on Saturday evening. Scratchy throat with chills. Over night my body was aching. I couldn't really do anything. We had friends staying over the weekend. I felt bad that I couldn't make them lunch/dinner. All I could really do is breakfast. That was really my limit. 
After playing with my daughter (as much as I could) it was nap time. I was grateful for nap time cause that meant I could take a nap too.
My husband was really sweet. He got me my pillow and super cozy socks. I slept on the sofa while my husband and his friends were playing video games. 
Before I knew it, my daughter woke up from her nap. I was still achy and the pressure in my head was pretty bad. I forced myself to make my daughter lunch. After her lunch, I was in and out of sleep. 
My daughter is in this phase where she likes to jump or walk (depending how close they are) from the ottoman to our main sofa. We told her a couple of time to sit down. She did obey but continued doing over and over. We should of put her in timeout thinking about it now.
But she is in the toddler stage. She probably thinks she is wonder woman or something. My reflexes weren't up to par that day. And of course she fell. I felt so horrible. My husband was upset with me. I felt so bad that I took my daughter her room and closed the door. I was just hugging her and kissing her and of course crying. I felt like the worst mother ever at that moment. 
After a few second of doing that my daughter was over it and wanted to wiggle out and play with her toys. At that point I knew she was fine. So I pulled myself together continued to play with her. She noticed that I was crying and pointed at my eyes. She asked 'okay?' (which was basically asking 'Are you okay?') She is so sweet. 
Monday morning I felt better than previous day but as the day went on I got worse. My husband asked me if I wanted to order in. I honestly didn't want to waste money but I couldn't do anything. So we ordered Chinese. 

Had some soup. It felt so good for my throat. Should of ordered a gallon of it. (lol)
Then came time for fortune cookies! I open mine and I got 2 fortunes in one! That has never happened to me before. 

After dinner, my daughter and I continued to play until it was time clean up her room for bed time. By 9 pm she was in bed. 
My husband and I went to bed and watched 2 episodes of Friends and went to bed early. 
Today I feel so much better. I am able to do more than these past couple of days. It's so refreshing. I'm doing laundry, went grocery shopping this morning, dishes are cleaned, swept and mopped the floors, cleaned the kitty litter and did a quick clean up in our guest bathroom. My husband always tells me that I'm the glue that holds everything together. I am starting to think that he is right. Without me he wouldn't know where to find his work clothes let alone underwear!
Moms, what happens when you are sick ? Does your household falls apart easily?
 Luckily my household didn't fall apart but if I were sick longer I think it might have.