Surprise You Are A Mom !: Friends


Friday, May 10, 2013


Before kids , after kids

I feel many parents go through this phase or probably are in this phase in your life.
Before having a kid I would hang out with a few friends. Dropping by at their place since I was in the neighborhood or have a drink or two at the local bar. I'm not saying that I was super social butterfly but I was social .
Then after having a baby it changed. Friends don't call that often as they used to. Therefore your social life takes a plunge.
What did I do to change that? 
 I've confronted them cause I wanted to know and understand why. Their excuses were 'I know you have your hands full' or 'I don't know when it is an appropriate time to call'.
Before asking my friends, I felt kinda down. Not saying that my baby didn't make me happy but it would of been nice to just get a text or call from friends. Just cause you have a baby doesn't mean you're strictly a mom. Moms need to hang out with friends too. ( Dads too!) If not you'll get stir crazy! 
I am not saying ditch the family completely. You are still a parent after all. You just have to make time. Contact your friends. Talk to them and make plans that way they know what are really your new limits. Before you know it you'll be back to your old you (plus a baby). 
"The first step binds one to the second" French Proverb