Surprise You Are A Mom !: How do you keep your marriage alive ?


Friday, May 24, 2013

How do you keep your marriage alive ?

After the baby

Before having our daughter, my husband and I would go to a comedy show or go out to dinner together. Sometimes couples have a hard time balancing being parents and a spouse. We had  a little challenge at the beginning but we found our own balance.
We now don't have the luxury to go out on a date that often as we would like. As I mentioned before we don't have family up here to baby sit our little one. And our friends schedule sometimes doesn't accommodate the times we would like to go out. 
So what can we do ?
Instead of going out on a date, we have dates at home. It might not be appealing to some. But it works. After my daughter goes to bed. My husband and I watch a movie or play a video game. It's our time with no baby.
Make small gestures. A great example is what my husband did for me.
He surprised me with cheesecake. Godiva cheese cake I should say. It was soo yummy! 

In our early years of dating he would surprise me with a rose or with my favorite chocolates. As years goes by these little gestures slowly declined. Not saying he is lazy but life just happens. 
Anytime he does these surprises it just brings me back to the early years of our relationship. 
Other things I do is flirt with my husband. I sometimes send kissing smiley face text or give him a nice kiss before he leave to go to work or in the morning. 
Find time to have sex. You read that right.
 I know life happens and you're tired at the end of the day. But you have to make it time for it. I am not saying to be super romantic and have candles and roses every time. Do it while your little one is napping, wake up a little early for it or do it at night (you might have a late night but it will be worth it)