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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just wanted to share

Found out about Walmart's clearance section

Last week, as you know, it wasn't the greatest week for me. But I did do a little shopping for myself. (which is rare) While waiting for my battery I walked through Walmart's millions of aisles to pass the time. 
My husband was talking to a worker there and was informed about the clearance sections through out Walmart  She told us about women's shirt for $1 and a pack of socks for 50 cents! So of course we went on a search for these items. I found a bunch of shirts for $1. They weren't really advertised well. Some racks said $3 but a few items were actually $1. I got 2 shirts. One was a University of Florida shirt (not really a fan but hey it's a $1) and the other one was a typical tourist Florida shirt (not bad looking to be honest) Then we went to the kitchen and we found a handle of things on clearance. There were a few things that caught my eye. 
I found a crock pot for 9 bucks! I've been wanting to purchase a slow cooker for a while especially since I have a board on Pinterest dedicated just on slow cooker meals! I also found Popsicle molds for $3! Summer is coming up and this would be great to make for those hot summer days. 
Now that I know about these clearance sections at Walmart I'm gonna start keeping a look out for them. You'll never know what you'll find !