Surprise You Are A Mom !: Movie Filled Week


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Movie Filled Week

The Internship, Now You See Me, Fast & The Furious 6, Star Trek Into Darkness

For the past week or so, my husband and I and of course our little one have gone to the movies a handful of times. My husband has a friend who does pre-screening for movies and has invited us before but we never had time or we weren't that interested in the movie that was showing. 
It was great to actually go out to the movies. We haven't done that in a long time. It almost felt like our dating years. When we lived in South Florida we would almost go every other week to movies. Actually, our first date was to see a movie. But now its plus toddler. Which is fine with us. 
I must say it is a little challenging to go to the movies with a toddler. Especially if it's a movie that doesn't involve her favorite characters. When we watched 'The Internship' she behaved very well. She laughed when everyone else was laughing. I'm pretty sure she didn't understand why she was laughing but she is in a stage where she mimics people. She sat on my lap just fine with minor fussiness that was fixed with snacks.
While waiting for the movie 'The Internship'
The other movie was 'Now You See Me'. My husband went on his own for this pre-screening. Our little one and I were pooped (mainly me) from the movies the previous day so we didn't go to this one. The problem about the pre-screenings are that you have to get there early and wait in line for an hour sometimes 2 before the showing. Plus adding another 2 hours for the actual movie. It gets exhausting with a toddler. When we were waiting for 'The Internship' our daughter was running down back and forth the hall where we were waiting. My goal was to tired her out so she can sit still for the actual movie which really worked. 
Earlier this week we got to see a pre-screening for the 'Fast And The Furious 6'. Our toddler was not having it half way through the movie. I had to leave my seat before she became a problem.The only thing I could do is hold her while I was standing up so I could watch the movie by the exiting doors.
This weekend we had a couple of friends staying over from South Florida. Today we went to watch 'Star Trek Into Darkness' in 3D. We were shocked that we had to purchase a ticket for little one since she is not even two yet. But at least it was the early bird special at the movie theater. It costed us about $30 for all three of us. I am surprise how expensive it is to go to the movies with a family. 
For Mother's day we couldn't do the things we wanted to since my husband had to go to work that day so he could have this weekend off. He felt bad so he purchased me these beautiful flowers and sweets! It wasn't one treat but 3 treats! All for me. :-) One chocolate covered strawberry, chocolate cake and a cinnamon bun with frosting. They were delicious!

My husband not only gave me flowers but he gave one to our daughter. (Wasn't that cute?!) She made Harvey (our dog) sniff it. He didn't like it since it wasn't food. 

This week not only did we go to the movies but we went to Daytona Beach since my husband had to work there for a few hours. We killed time by going to Pet Smart  and Barnes and Noble. She enjoyed looking at the hamsters and birds. I'm pretty sure if she were to actually touch them she would squeeze them like her stuff animals. 
How was your week? How was your Mother's Day?

I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day Weekend!