Surprise You Are A Mom !: Sending invites


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sending invites

My daughter's 2nd Birthday! 

Well I've been planning my daughter's birthday for months now. I've been waiting to send the invites that I made! I got delayed with a couple of hiccups this week. The car thing, then the funk thing, then waiting for the envelopes that I ordered and now the rain! 
But they were finally sent and they should be arriving to my family and friends early this week. :)
As you can see the theme is Sesame Street! She loves Elmo and his friends. She knows all the  characters and says most of their names too! So it was a no brain-er to make this her birthday theme.

You must be thinking how did she made these invites?! Well I used my handy dandy tool called Google Docs ! I mentioned this tool in a previous post back in March. 
There is a handful of Docs you can use like Spreadsheet (Equivalent to Excel), Document (Equivalent to Word) and Drawing (Equivalent to Paint). I used the Drawing Doc for the invites.
Some people might be thinking why didn't you just purchase the invites?  Well my answer is I can customize the colors and theme to my liking.  
I'm not saying to ditch generic sesame street invites or any invites for that matter. Yes, I understand that it would of been easier. But when I was younger my mom would always make the invites by hand. And they were special. I still remember my little sister's invite of Tweety bird.  There was always something that my mom made from scratch for my birthdays and my siblings birthdays too. And I hope to do that for my daughter too.
But making them is not hard at all! I would recommend looking through other invites and see what inspires you. Very Important advice is making sure you have time to make them. This took me about 3 months to make. I kept going back to the invites so I can tweak it here and there. I was finally done last month. All I had to do is print. 
I got the sesame street pictures through Google images. When you use Google images, always search for transparent color. This makes it easier when you want to layer a picture.  You would click on search tools then color then transparent.

When printing these invites, always do a tester invite. The reason you do a tester is that sometimes the size you printed wasn't right or you found something on the actual invite that needed some attention. And don't use regular printer paper, use card stock paper (the pack only cost under $4 for 100 count). Also when printing these invites go through your preferences. It usually ask which printer, paper size, quality , and paper type. When printing on card stock always put the paper type as card stock and best quality. Doing so makes the colors on your invite vibrant.  And lastly make sure you have ink for your printer! 
Since I printed my invites 5 x 7 inches I needed to purchase a special size envelopes. They are called booklet envelopes. You can easily find them on Amazon and they carry a bunch of different colors. 
I went to the Dollar Tree a couple of months ago and saw that they sold Sesame Street stickers. So I snatched a couple of these not knowing what I would really do with them. Before sending invites I used these stickers as a sealer for the envelopes. It added a nice touch to the invites. 

I hope that this can give you ideas for your own invites. You don't always have to make invites. You can make mother's/father's day cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, or even anniversary cards. 
Just get creative :)