Surprise You Are A Mom !: June 2013


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How To Make...

Cookie Monster's Cookie Toss

Since my daughter's birthday party has pass I now have time  to post what I made for her birthday party. Yay! 
This post is how to make a Cookie Monster's Cookie Toss. I have seen many variations of this idea. People used a piece of card board or small plywood board. I personally wanted to simplify it as much as I could and make it as pretty as it can be. 
First thing I made were the "cookies" for the game. 

Things you'll need:
  • 5 pieces of felt fabric ( 4 beige color, 1 chocolate brown)
  • 1 bag of dry beans ( you can use rice or leftover beads)
  • Pen/Marker
  • Thread (1 beige , 1 chocolate brown)
  • Needle

First thing I did was to find something circular to trace. I suck at doing circles so this helped a lot. Once you trace it  then you cut your circles on the beige color felt fabric. You should have at 12 circles. You then pair the circles. 
With the brown felt fabric you'll make small circles. These are going to be the "chocolate chips" of the cookie. No real need to be the same exact size for each one.  You'll need about 75 little circles. I personally put 5-6 on each side of the cookie. It's always good to cut extras. 

After all this cutting you can now start with the sewing. I personally suck at sewing anything. But this was very simple to do. 
You want to start sewing the "chocolate chips" on to the beige circles. Arrange them as you like  and start sewing. 
Another alternative is to use cement glue or fabric glue to paste these little circles. Since I'm giving these cookies to my daughter afterwards, I wanted to make sure they were securely on. 
Remember you are just putting them on one side of each beige circle; not on both. 
Next step is to sew the beige circles together. Grab a pair of the beige circles have the sides with the chocolate chips facing each other. Then start sewing all around the edge. Leave a small gap so you can pour the beans in. 
This took me about a week to do. Like I said I suck at sewing and I had a little one to take of too. 
After sewing the circle and leaving the small gap you'll have to pull them inside out through the gap that you left. Now you can start pouring your beans in. Once it is filled to your liking you need to sew it shut. 
After all this you should have 6 "chocolate chip cookies" for your cookie toss.
Now to you'll have to start on the board. 

Things you'll need:
  • Science Board
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • Paint ( Blue, black, brown, white, green, yellow, pink , orange)
  • Carving knife (You can use a box cutter or a hobby knife)

I Googled pictures of cookie monster. Looking through a bunch of them I started to free hand draw cookie monster. I customized it by him holding a bunch of cookies. I love to draw so this came easy to me. 

After I finally finish drawing him I used my carving knife (yes the same carving knife for thanksgiving) to cut open his mouth. I honestly felt it was easier to handle the carving knife than a box cutter. I started from the middle and concentrated on one side then did the other. 

After cutting it was time to paint. I used acrylic paint and washable paints that I already own . To get the colors of the cookies I mixed brown and white paint until it was a shade that I like. Making the outline of the cookie I made a slightly darker shade of the cookie. To make the circle background I used the same tracing tool for the felt fabric. You can have the background blank but I personally felt it was boring if I left it alone.
There you have it your own Cookie Monster's Cookie Toss game. 

We still use this game at home. She really loves the "cookies" I made her. She added it to her toy kitchen collection. I am just glad we are able to reuse this game multiple times. 
Friends and family were really impress with this game. They honestly thought that I purchased it at Etsy or somewhere else.  I thought it was the great compliment to be honest.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Belated Father's Day!

I hope everyone enjoyed Father's Day ! I know we did. 
We had a rare chance to actually celebrate it with my husband, my father-in-law and my dad. 
Since father's day fell on the weekend of my daughter's birthday we decided to make sure we celebrate it. 
When I was younger it was always trip to Denny's. For some reason my dad always chooses that place. Which is fine. But we really like this place called First Watch. It's a morning cafe. It basically means that they are open from early morning till 2 pm (unfortunately!)
Their food is so delicious they have a turkey patty and potatoes that my husband and I always have to order. 
It was just really great to just spend time with my family. I don't get to see my family that often. Which sucks. But we do FaceTime a lot. It is still not the same as hanging out with them in person. 
All the fathers at the table got a free small bottle of pure maple syrup. That was a nice surprise. We weren't expecting anything free to be honest. 

After breakfast we all went to Downtown Disney. It was quite early so parking wasn't as annoying as it is in the afternoon. But it was so hot! Oh my goodness! 
We headed straight to the Lego Store. Our little birthday girl went to the Lego play area. She tried to make a couple of friends there. It was very adorable. There was a kid that dropped a Lego piece and she picked it up for him and told him "thank you". Which basically meant you're welcome. I noticed when I was at the store that some parents didn't really like their kids to play with other kids. I always encourage my daughter to interact with other kids. But I guess we were in a big area it might have been a safety issue. 
After the Lego Store we went to the huge disney store that they had there. They also had a couple of Nintendo Wii U booths outside. Of course my husband had to see what was going on. 
We were all getting tired around 1-2pm. As much as I didn't want my family to leave I too didn't want to stay stuck in this Florida heat. 
It was time to wrap it up and for everyone to head home.
I am just grateful to spend a day with the family . 
What did you do for Father's Day?

Friday, June 21, 2013

You are two !

June 14, 2013

Baby girl I can't believe you are two today ! 
I remember the day that you were born. It was a complete surprise to your Papa and I. And a complete shock to the rest of your family. They truly didn't believe us at first. It wasn't until we were sending them pictures of tiny you that it settle in. 
Family from my side and your Papa's side came together to help us. To make sure we would be ready for your arrival from the hospital.
Your papa always says "normally people have 9 months to prepare for a baby we only had a weekend"
And it's the truth. 
The first people that saw your pretty face (besides us) were Auntie Abby and Tío Rafael. They helped us out a bit until our family arrived. They were in complete shock on how cool and collective we were (so were the doctors and nurses by the way). We didn't care that you arrived by blindsiding us. We were really happy that you were here. Years prior you were born we imagined having children. Imagining how they would look like, what we would name them. But life got in our way. 
I believe you came at the perfect time. 
You brought your Papa and I together when we weren't as united as we are now. I thank you for that. You created that strength that we were missing. 
As these two tiny years have gone by, we have seen you grow. Looking through the scrapbook that I made for your first year it just amazes me every time how much you grew and still are. Not only physically but developmentally too. Learning how to sit up to talking. 
I still remember those first few months of feeding you every two to three hours. Barely any sleep for myself. Your Papa did help but some reason I was able to hear your cries before your Papa did. I guess you can call it mother instinct. But that sacrifice of sleep was well worth it. 
Not saying that every day was all peachy there were days that I can recall how am I going to get through the day. Which I believe every mother in world probably goes through from time to time. But to get through those kinds of days one has to focus on the positive. Being you in my arms , getting kisses and hugs or you teaching me to appreciate life more.
I would love to see how you will turn out to be. Will you be a social butterfly , an athlete, or be in the political field ? Whatever path your life gives you I hope you are happy and healthy. And for you to be best at whatever you chose. 
I am excited to see you grow up and be the strong woman we know you will be. But for now you'll be our little baby girl.
You will always be our baby girl always and forever. 

***I apologize just realized that this post was suppose to be posted on Friday,June 14th but I guess it didn't properly uploaded through the app I was using on my phone.**

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Party Favors

P is for Party Favors !

This is going to be another birthday party related post! Yay! I am really excited about since it's going to be for my daughter's second birthday :-) I can't believe she is already turning two on Friday! Wow , time flies!
Before I get all sentimental I want to share what I did with the favors.
Originally, I was planning to have between 6-9 kids. But due to various reasons majority of them can't make it. I did plan and purchased ahead of time all the materials that would need. 
Rather be safe than sorry.
With the favors I personally didn't want to do the typical Sesame Street party bags and favors. I tried to eliminate anything that made noise for the sake of the parents. (You're welcome parents!)
This is what I purchased for the favor bags:
  • 1 pack of star sunglasses (10 count ) at party city for $3.99
  • 3 packs of bubble maker tube (3 per pack) at Walmart for $0.97 each,
  • 9 beach balls was $0.57 each at Party City
  • $4 dollars worth of candy at the Party City candy section (Pick 15 for $1)
  • 3 packs of favor bags ( 3 per pack) at Walmart for $1 each ( Pink, Red & Purple)
Total Amount spent: $19.03 (+tax)

The bags were a great size. But they lack personality. So I took out my bag of acrylic paint and spruce them up a bit. I personalized it to each child. 
With painting these bags It didn't bleed through. I think if I used a marker it would of. I didn't have any colorful Sharpies only a black one. Let's face it black is dull. I didn't feel like spending more money on an item that I will use probably once. So paint was what Ihad and no extra money was needed to spend. In the case that you do use a marker I would recommend cutting a piece of a cardboard box and sliding it inside. That way it doesn't bleed through. 
I had a bottle of glittery paint so I mixed it with the color paint to have a nice effect when I wrote out their name. I don't think you can see them through these pictures. :( Oh well. 

As I was organizing my birthday supplies box, I wanted to add something else to the favors. 
I had leftover scraps of paper cause of the banner that I made. So I converted it to tags to hang on the bag's handle. All I needed was a marker, paper, hole puncher and curling ribbon. It was a nice touch to the favor bags

Friday, June 7, 2013

Crock Pot Meatball Sub

Another Family Approved dinner !

I made this dinner last Saturday. It was soo delicious and easy to make. I first got inspired to make this cause of my husband. He loves the meatball subs from Subway.
 Last week he really wanted a meatball sub. So we went to Subway and I go in to order it since someone has to stay with the sleepy toddler in the car. As I order it the worker there tells me that they are out of it since they didn't "make" them this afternoon. Mind you they were advertising 'May $5 Footlong subs'. Really, Subway worker? I would of accepted "we ran out of meatballs" excuse. But their excuse was pure laziness. 
Well anyways. I felt bad that my husband didn't get his sub that night so I wanted to make one (and hopefully better than Subway)
So I went on a Pinterest search!(Duh! of course!) Many recipes sounded okay or way too complicated. And then I finally found one! An easy one! It involves a slow cooker too!
Easy Crockpot Meatball Subs Recipe is truly very easy. I was really glad that I was able to use my crock pot again. 
In this recipe, you have the option to use grounded chicken or turkey. I used the grounded turkey and it came out yummy! 
In the recipe they don't specify brands that they used.These brands were the only ones I could find while looking through a gazillion spices with a fussy toddler. The ones that I used were
Lawry's Roasted Garlic Salt and McCormick's Perfect Pinch Italian seasoning. 

For bread crumbs I used my store brand but Italian style for more flavor and for the pasta sauce I used Classico Roasted Garlic. Haven't I mentioned that our family loves garlic? 
You can use any kind of bread but we used hoagie bread since it was on sale that week. You could fit 4 meatballs but we only did 3 per sub. 
My apartment smelled lovely while making this meal. And my husband enjoyed this meal very much. He kinda hinted to make it again very soon.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Party Planning

Sesame Street is the Theme!

I've been planning my daughter's birthday since November of last year. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy to start making plans that early when her birthday is in June. But it has helped me out so much. 
On my daughter's first birthday, I made a cake for her and went to Disney for the first time with a few family members. It was great. I didn't really need to plan anything other than making sure family were able to come to Orlando. 
Now this year it's not going to be stress free as the previous year. First thing I have to make a budget for the party. Originally I didn't want to spend more than 300 bucks but that went out the window when I realize how much everything would realistically cost . 
The next step was location for the party. I was willing to have it in our apartment but then I looked at the space I have verses the amount of people I would have invited and that wouldn't work out. I also looked into renting a pavilion at a local park. The pavilion was HUGE for a party of 30-40 people. And besides the park that I wanted to have the party had soo many restrictions so we passed on that.
Then I had a brilliant idea. What about a pool party!? My daughter's birthday is in June and its usually hot cause it's Florida summer weather it would be perfect! I wanted to do it at my apartment's community pool so we can save money there. But my husband and our friend Liz axed that idea. -_- Their reasoning were that there will be a lot of teenagers and college students lounging around and the pool is sometimes not clean due to the lovely trees that surround the pool area. They did have a point. 
Luckily Liz works for a hotel that is close by. She offered to give us her discount on the pool room. We get to use a little room that has a/c and is located next to the pool. That way I can butt out whoever is not invited. The day I want to have the party is on a Saturday most of the tourist will be at the parks so it will be perfect. We will barely have anyone else at the pool area besides my party.
Second step is guest list! I made an actual list through Google Docs. (used this to plan the party) 

So I made a couple of columns with names, # of adults and children and then I split it between friends, my husband's family and my family too. This makes it easier for me to remember who I have yet to invite. As you can see my guest list goes to about 60 people. But realistically half of them won't show up because they live in a different city/state.
Third Step is the theme! This was a no brain-er for me. My daughter LOVES Sesame Street. I'm  pretty sure once she gets older its going to be a challenge of what she wants for her birthday. 
Fourth and fifth step is figuring out what you want to serve for food and what decorations you want to purchase. Always compare prices! My main three places that I was comparing are Party City , Walmart and Amazon. You'll be surprise that Amazon doesn't really have the greatest prices. Also look out for specials. I noticed a trend in Party City that every month they have a sale when you spend over $65 you get $10 off or 20% off entire purchase (when you sign up with your email to receive notifications). Sometimes Amazon's prices fluctuates from week to week. Also keep an eye on the date of arrival. You don't want to stress out on an item days before your party. 

If you have time making the decorations and invitations yourself can save you money! Here is a past post of making my daughter's invitations with Google Docs. 
You can use my birthday party organization for holiday events , dinner parties , and many more events. 
I will be blogging more birthday party related posts in the near future. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

9 years

Happy Anniversary To My Husband and Me!

We have been together for 9 years today! Wow time has flown by so fast! 
Today is not only our anniversary but also his birthday! He is turning the 3-0! 
And it's our engagement anniversary too! 
I know too many celebrations for one day! But I blame him (lol)
I still remember our early years of dating. It wasn't the easiest first 2 years. 
When you're 16 and he is 21 parents tend to have a big influence of who to date. (Mind you my parents when they met they were basically in the same boat as we were)
I remember I had to lie to my parents about going to the movies with my "friends" when I was really going on a date with Bryan. 
But our relationship is not all negative. 
As the years went by we learned more about each other. We depend on one another and also learned from another. As a result our love grew even in moments when we didn't think it did.
After having our daughter 2 years ago our bond is stronger then ever. 
I am so happy to have him in my life. Couldn't have asked for a better husband , best friend and father for our daughter. No words can describe how I feel about him and how grateful I am to be his wife. 

His birthday card. It's just too funny.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Crock pot

Roast Chicken

Finally I was able to use my crock pot for the first time ! Yay! 
I was searching for something simple to make and I found this slow cooker recipe through Pinterest! This recipe was pretty good. But I felt as if it was missing something with the chicken. Next time I'll change it up a bit. But the potatoes and carrots were very flavorful. 

Since we had a little left over of carrots, potatoes and the juices from the chicken I decided to make a soup out of it. I never made soup from scratch so I was making it up as I'd go. Haven't really looked up  how to make soup the right way to be honest. But hey at the end for me it tasted like soup.
With the leftovers I just added about 1/2  to 1 cup of water. I tasted my "soup" and it was frankly bland. So I added salt, black pepper, parsley and a dash of oregano. There was no real measurement when adding the seasonings. It was more 'taste and see what else makes it work'. I also had leftover chicken so I added that too. I cooked all of that on the stove until it was hot. And there you go you have soup!

Check out my Pinterest board on just slow cooker/crock pot recipes. I always add recipes that I'm interest weekly (sometimes daily).