Surprise You Are A Mom !: Crock pot


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Crock pot

Roast Chicken

Finally I was able to use my crock pot for the first time ! Yay! 
I was searching for something simple to make and I found this slow cooker recipe through Pinterest! This recipe was pretty good. But I felt as if it was missing something with the chicken. Next time I'll change it up a bit. But the potatoes and carrots were very flavorful. 

Since we had a little left over of carrots, potatoes and the juices from the chicken I decided to make a soup out of it. I never made soup from scratch so I was making it up as I'd go. Haven't really looked up  how to make soup the right way to be honest. But hey at the end for me it tasted like soup.
With the leftovers I just added about 1/2  to 1 cup of water. I tasted my "soup" and it was frankly bland. So I added salt, black pepper, parsley and a dash of oregano. There was no real measurement when adding the seasonings. It was more 'taste and see what else makes it work'. I also had leftover chicken so I added that too. I cooked all of that on the stove until it was hot. And there you go you have soup!

Check out my Pinterest board on just slow cooker/crock pot recipes. I always add recipes that I'm interest weekly (sometimes daily).