Surprise You Are A Mom !: Happy Belated Father's Day!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Belated Father's Day!

I hope everyone enjoyed Father's Day ! I know we did. 
We had a rare chance to actually celebrate it with my husband, my father-in-law and my dad. 
Since father's day fell on the weekend of my daughter's birthday we decided to make sure we celebrate it. 
When I was younger it was always trip to Denny's. For some reason my dad always chooses that place. Which is fine. But we really like this place called First Watch. It's a morning cafe. It basically means that they are open from early morning till 2 pm (unfortunately!)
Their food is so delicious they have a turkey patty and potatoes that my husband and I always have to order. 
It was just really great to just spend time with my family. I don't get to see my family that often. Which sucks. But we do FaceTime a lot. It is still not the same as hanging out with them in person. 
All the fathers at the table got a free small bottle of pure maple syrup. That was a nice surprise. We weren't expecting anything free to be honest. 

After breakfast we all went to Downtown Disney. It was quite early so parking wasn't as annoying as it is in the afternoon. But it was so hot! Oh my goodness! 
We headed straight to the Lego Store. Our little birthday girl went to the Lego play area. She tried to make a couple of friends there. It was very adorable. There was a kid that dropped a Lego piece and she picked it up for him and told him "thank you". Which basically meant you're welcome. I noticed when I was at the store that some parents didn't really like their kids to play with other kids. I always encourage my daughter to interact with other kids. But I guess we were in a big area it might have been a safety issue. 
After the Lego Store we went to the huge disney store that they had there. They also had a couple of Nintendo Wii U booths outside. Of course my husband had to see what was going on. 
We were all getting tired around 1-2pm. As much as I didn't want my family to leave I too didn't want to stay stuck in this Florida heat. 
It was time to wrap it up and for everyone to head home.
I am just grateful to spend a day with the family . 
What did you do for Father's Day?