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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How To Make...

Cookie Monster's Cookie Toss

Since my daughter's birthday party has pass I now have time  to post what I made for her birthday party. Yay! 
This post is how to make a Cookie Monster's Cookie Toss. I have seen many variations of this idea. People used a piece of card board or small plywood board. I personally wanted to simplify it as much as I could and make it as pretty as it can be. 
First thing I made were the "cookies" for the game. 

Things you'll need:
  • 5 pieces of felt fabric ( 4 beige color, 1 chocolate brown)
  • 1 bag of dry beans ( you can use rice or leftover beads)
  • Pen/Marker
  • Thread (1 beige , 1 chocolate brown)
  • Needle

First thing I did was to find something circular to trace. I suck at doing circles so this helped a lot. Once you trace it  then you cut your circles on the beige color felt fabric. You should have at 12 circles. You then pair the circles. 
With the brown felt fabric you'll make small circles. These are going to be the "chocolate chips" of the cookie. No real need to be the same exact size for each one.  You'll need about 75 little circles. I personally put 5-6 on each side of the cookie. It's always good to cut extras. 

After all this cutting you can now start with the sewing. I personally suck at sewing anything. But this was very simple to do. 
You want to start sewing the "chocolate chips" on to the beige circles. Arrange them as you like  and start sewing. 
Another alternative is to use cement glue or fabric glue to paste these little circles. Since I'm giving these cookies to my daughter afterwards, I wanted to make sure they were securely on. 
Remember you are just putting them on one side of each beige circle; not on both. 
Next step is to sew the beige circles together. Grab a pair of the beige circles have the sides with the chocolate chips facing each other. Then start sewing all around the edge. Leave a small gap so you can pour the beans in. 
This took me about a week to do. Like I said I suck at sewing and I had a little one to take of too. 
After sewing the circle and leaving the small gap you'll have to pull them inside out through the gap that you left. Now you can start pouring your beans in. Once it is filled to your liking you need to sew it shut. 
After all this you should have 6 "chocolate chip cookies" for your cookie toss.
Now to you'll have to start on the board. 

Things you'll need:
  • Science Board
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • Paint ( Blue, black, brown, white, green, yellow, pink , orange)
  • Carving knife (You can use a box cutter or a hobby knife)

I Googled pictures of cookie monster. Looking through a bunch of them I started to free hand draw cookie monster. I customized it by him holding a bunch of cookies. I love to draw so this came easy to me. 

After I finally finish drawing him I used my carving knife (yes the same carving knife for thanksgiving) to cut open his mouth. I honestly felt it was easier to handle the carving knife than a box cutter. I started from the middle and concentrated on one side then did the other. 

After cutting it was time to paint. I used acrylic paint and washable paints that I already own . To get the colors of the cookies I mixed brown and white paint until it was a shade that I like. Making the outline of the cookie I made a slightly darker shade of the cookie. To make the circle background I used the same tracing tool for the felt fabric. You can have the background blank but I personally felt it was boring if I left it alone.
There you have it your own Cookie Monster's Cookie Toss game. 

We still use this game at home. She really loves the "cookies" I made her. She added it to her toy kitchen collection. I am just glad we are able to reuse this game multiple times. 
Friends and family were really impress with this game. They honestly thought that I purchased it at Etsy or somewhere else.  I thought it was the great compliment to be honest.