Surprise You Are A Mom !: Party Favors


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Party Favors

P is for Party Favors !

This is going to be another birthday party related post! Yay! I am really excited about since it's going to be for my daughter's second birthday :-) I can't believe she is already turning two on Friday! Wow , time flies!
Before I get all sentimental I want to share what I did with the favors.
Originally, I was planning to have between 6-9 kids. But due to various reasons majority of them can't make it. I did plan and purchased ahead of time all the materials that would need. 
Rather be safe than sorry.
With the favors I personally didn't want to do the typical Sesame Street party bags and favors. I tried to eliminate anything that made noise for the sake of the parents. (You're welcome parents!)
This is what I purchased for the favor bags:
  • 1 pack of star sunglasses (10 count ) at party city for $3.99
  • 3 packs of bubble maker tube (3 per pack) at Walmart for $0.97 each,
  • 9 beach balls was $0.57 each at Party City
  • $4 dollars worth of candy at the Party City candy section (Pick 15 for $1)
  • 3 packs of favor bags ( 3 per pack) at Walmart for $1 each ( Pink, Red & Purple)
Total Amount spent: $19.03 (+tax)

The bags were a great size. But they lack personality. So I took out my bag of acrylic paint and spruce them up a bit. I personalized it to each child. 
With painting these bags It didn't bleed through. I think if I used a marker it would of. I didn't have any colorful Sharpies only a black one. Let's face it black is dull. I didn't feel like spending more money on an item that I will use probably once. So paint was what Ihad and no extra money was needed to spend. In the case that you do use a marker I would recommend cutting a piece of a cardboard box and sliding it inside. That way it doesn't bleed through. 
I had a bottle of glittery paint so I mixed it with the color paint to have a nice effect when I wrote out their name. I don't think you can see them through these pictures. :( Oh well. 

As I was organizing my birthday supplies box, I wanted to add something else to the favors. 
I had leftover scraps of paper cause of the banner that I made. So I converted it to tags to hang on the bag's handle. All I needed was a marker, paper, hole puncher and curling ribbon. It was a nice touch to the favor bags