Surprise You Are A Mom !: You are two !


Friday, June 21, 2013

You are two !

June 14, 2013

Baby girl I can't believe you are two today ! 
I remember the day that you were born. It was a complete surprise to your Papa and I. And a complete shock to the rest of your family. They truly didn't believe us at first. It wasn't until we were sending them pictures of tiny you that it settle in. 
Family from my side and your Papa's side came together to help us. To make sure we would be ready for your arrival from the hospital.
Your papa always says "normally people have 9 months to prepare for a baby we only had a weekend"
And it's the truth. 
The first people that saw your pretty face (besides us) were Auntie Abby and Tío Rafael. They helped us out a bit until our family arrived. They were in complete shock on how cool and collective we were (so were the doctors and nurses by the way). We didn't care that you arrived by blindsiding us. We were really happy that you were here. Years prior you were born we imagined having children. Imagining how they would look like, what we would name them. But life got in our way. 
I believe you came at the perfect time. 
You brought your Papa and I together when we weren't as united as we are now. I thank you for that. You created that strength that we were missing. 
As these two tiny years have gone by, we have seen you grow. Looking through the scrapbook that I made for your first year it just amazes me every time how much you grew and still are. Not only physically but developmentally too. Learning how to sit up to talking. 
I still remember those first few months of feeding you every two to three hours. Barely any sleep for myself. Your Papa did help but some reason I was able to hear your cries before your Papa did. I guess you can call it mother instinct. But that sacrifice of sleep was well worth it. 
Not saying that every day was all peachy there were days that I can recall how am I going to get through the day. Which I believe every mother in world probably goes through from time to time. But to get through those kinds of days one has to focus on the positive. Being you in my arms , getting kisses and hugs or you teaching me to appreciate life more.
I would love to see how you will turn out to be. Will you be a social butterfly , an athlete, or be in the political field ? Whatever path your life gives you I hope you are happy and healthy. And for you to be best at whatever you chose. 
I am excited to see you grow up and be the strong woman we know you will be. But for now you'll be our little baby girl.
You will always be our baby girl always and forever. 

***I apologize just realized that this post was suppose to be posted on Friday,June 14th but I guess it didn't properly uploaded through the app I was using on my phone.**