Surprise You Are A Mom !: July 2013


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project Life

I love to scrapbook. I might not be the most elaborate scrapbooker but I do enjoy to be a little creative. One negative thing about scrapbooking is how much time it takes. I am falling behind on my daughter's first year book. It's only half way done though ! I so far have one scrapbook that covers 6 months worth of my daughter's life. (It's a lot!) 

This is my mess of scrapbooking

 I know what you are probably saying  'Slacker!' But it's not about slacking.
It's just life gets in the way. 
Like what my husband always says 'there is a will, there is way'. And I am going to finish the book hopefully by the end of this year. I am just taking my time. 
I am now thinking 'do I have enough energy to do a second scrapbook?'
I then come across with Project Life by Becky Higgins . I think I saw this kind of scrapbooking through Pinterest. When I first saw it I didn't really pay attention. But now that I am really behind with my daughter's scrapbook I started researching more about this Project Life idea. 
Once I started learning more and more about it. I fell in love with the concept! 
Here is a video of what Project Life is about. 
If you click the following it will explain  Becky Higgins' Project Life
Here is a YouTube video from Crafty Hobby House and how she uses Project Life. 

I just love this scrapbooking idea. I am currently planning on my Project Life 2013. I've only done the planning part and I almost caught up in 3 nights. Imagine how quickly I am going to be done with the album once I get my supplies! I'm just waiting for the new editions to come out and save some money for it too. Scrapbooking can get expensive!
I've also been pinning like crazy of anything of Project Life. My Project Life board has a bunch of pins of great ideas, how to's, freebie printables, and much more! You might even get inspired.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Potty Training Diaries

Instead of writing day by day I am going to continue it as a summary of the week. Reading how many bowel movements my daughter has made is not that interesting. Would like for you to enjoy and learn from my experience. 
This past Saturday (July 20th)  my daughter did very well. Used the potty so many times. She even went on her own once. It was quite surprising to see that. We were just hanging out in the bathroom. And all of the sudden she decides to use her potty. But that was the only time she did that. 
I don't know what really changed. Maybe it was my positive attitude towards this whole potty training process. Cause at the beginning I was excited for her to use the potty but I was also dreading it. I guess my attitude transcended. So getting mentally prepared for it worked. 
One thing she doesn't understand or doesn't like to do it poop in her potty. So there was plenty of "eww". That's what my daughter says when she poops. At least she understands that its gross. I've heard stories of kids that think its play-dough. I know gross and feel horrible for those parents. 
The next couple of days were basically the same. She went at least a dozen times and ate a dozen of Regular M&M's. 
One thing I tried to incorporate is trying to teach colors every time she received a M&M. She repeats very well but doesn't really withhold remember what colors are which. I think she is more excited eating it than learning what color it is. Which is understandable. In due time she will get it. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Abby's magical wands

I wanted to share some of the things I made for my daughter's second birthday.
Since my daughter's theme was Sesame street I wanted to incorporate the theme in the food too. 
One of the things I've seen on Pinterest were the "Abby's Magical Wands". I knew I wanted it as part of my daughter's birthday party food.
 To my surprise these  were so easy to make! 

The materials you'll need are:

  • Pretzel Rods (We bought 2 bags )
  • Candy Melts (1 bag)
  • Sprinkles ( we picked pink and purple) 
  • 1 microwavable bowl
  • 1 tray (for your finish product to dry)
  • 2 small bowls (for the sprinkles)
  • Spoon or spatula 

First step is to melt the candy melts. You have the option to melt them over the stove or microwave. I took the easy route and used the microwave.
After they are all melted, you can start dipping the rods. Make sure to spread the candy melts evenly you can use your spatula or spoon to do so.
Next step is too use the sprinkles. I used the small bowls to catch the excess sprinkles. 
Once your done with that you can lay them down on your tray to dry. I made about 60 of these so by the time I was done and finish cleaning up they were completely dried. 
And there you have it! Abby's Magical Wands! 

These went very well with our theme. 
Everyone loved these! Some even took a bunch home with them. 

Just cause you see them as Sesame Street themed doesn't mean you only have to make them this way. You can make it as a Christmas theme, Easter theme, etc. These are great to make as gifts. 
If you need more Sesame Street inspiration you can look through my Birthday Ideas: Sesame Street board!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Potty training diaries

Day 10-17 July 1-8

Unfortunately we did not potty trained this week. We had a couple of appointments ,outings , getting randomly sick and to top it all off we had the holiday weekend. Normally if the holiday weekend only consisted of my husband and I we would go through the potty training . But I honestly didn't want my fatherinlaw to just clean up after my daughter. I wanted him to enjoy the time with his granddaughter. We are hoping to start on Tuesday since we have a 3-4 hours appointment for my husband on Monday.

Day 18 July 9

Today we started potty training again. We had a couple of accidents. Good thing my husband had the day off today. So he helped out a little bit. She did use the bathroom once today after one of her accidents. It was only like 3 drops but I still awarded her. We did have trouble this morning trying her to sit down on her potty. She refused but after a while she gave in. Once she sat there for 2 minutes I told her she could go play in the living room. I did not want to make the potty a negative thing. By 8:30 pm I was really tired and still had a couple of dishes to finish cleaning from dinner. My husband told me to just finish for the day. I guess he saw I was tired. I honestly wanted to wait till 9-9:15 but I thought about it and just gave in. Didn't want to push myself too much. Hopefully tomorrow she uses the potty at least once. I am aiming for twice but we will see. 

Day 19 July 10

Today we had no luck. My daughter didn't pee at all today. I have a feeling that she just waits till it's time to use her pampers to pee. I might be crazy but I think she is trying to outsmart us. We will try again tomorrow. 

Day 20 July 11

My husband tried to potty train her before he left for work. He told me that she doing the 'crossing her leg' signal. So he thought that putting her in her chair and distracting her with a cup of warm water. Then he decided to pour some of the in her potty while she was there. His thought is that she could get used to the sound and feeling wet. At the end she never peed. Interesting idea of his but I don't want to end up cleaning up puddles of water everywhere.
Later in the afternoon she pooped twice on the floor. And our dog thought it was a nice treat ( I know eww!) He was punished with a time out. the second time it happened he didn't even try. She did finished pooping one of those times in her potty. So that's good since this is her first time doing that. 
Throughout the afternoon I think she kept holding her pee. The reason why I say that is that she had little accidents but not as big like the other times. Finally I think it was around 6:30ish she decides to let everything out on her bathroom floor luckily I got her put her on her potty. Even after putting her in her potty she had more to disperse. 
Around 8:30pm we ended our potty training and switched to pampers. And it was time to get ready for bedtime. 

Day 21 July 12 
We had a few accidents and a few successes. Not really liking sitting down on the potty for a very long time. 

Day 22 July 13
We had a successful potty training day. She went multiple times and peed in small increments. . She still had accidents that had to clean up.

Day 23 July 14
Potty training is going great. She doesn't like to poop in the potty 

Day 24 July 15
Today we didn't potty train.

Day 25 July 16
Today she was a little fussy today. Not really wanting to potty or even sit down. 
Towards the evening I think she realized that she gets rewards. So she did actually sit down and peed . Even though it was small increments it lasted longer than before. So it's a good sign :-) 

Day 26 July 17
Yesterday we ran out of m&m's so we opted to my husband's Reese's puff cereal. We never give her these kinds of cereal her so it's basically a treat. 
She wasn't in the mood to use the potty. 

Day 26 July 18
I'm starting to give up with this potty training thing and stick to diapers till she is 5. She doesn't feel like using the potty at all today.
Tomorrow we have appointment and going out too. How do other parents potty train when they need to leave the house ? Advice would be nice hear. Maybe I'll get some ideas. 
I want to say she is just having a bad day so hopefully on Saturday everything would be different. 

Even though she is not fully potty trained we are saving money on diapers at the moment. It's been about a month and my daughter only used barely 1/4 of the diapers we purchased. Normally by now we are either half way through. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mango Banana Popsicle

When my parents came to visit they gave us like a bagful of mangos! I love mangos so this was great. 
Growing up at my parent's house we had 3 mango trees. When I was younger I hated those trees. 
Not that I didn't like the fruit but the fact that when a mango falls and if it is not picked up on time then we would have a bunch of mosquitoes. I hate those little bugs and still do. Now that I don't have to deal with picking them up I enjoy them even more! 
After a while of eatng mangos (i think we my have overdose on mangos at some point) I needed to make a change in the way I eat these fruits. 
I usually cut up all the mangos and freeze them. So i was down to my last batch of frozen mangos. What to do? well I made a smoothie and frozen popsicle. 
I had about 3-4 cups of frozen mangos. I also had 2 ripe bananas on the counter. So I added that to the blender. And that was it and just hit the smoothie button on the blender. 
You can milk to make it creamy. But I felt that there was no need to. 
I filled in my popsicle mold and let them freeze over night. 
Whatever was leftover I drank it. I have say the smoothie was delicious! If you are doing those protein smoothies you can add whey protein. 
I gave one to my daughter as a dessert and she loves it! Planning on making different kinds of fruit popsicles. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Gym Time

Well Wednesday night I went to the gym at 11 pm. It has been almost 2 months since I have gone to the gym. I know it's been too long! 
Lately I have been feeling tired and some of my clothes didn't fit right. It was very disappointing cause all the work that I have done in the past was becoming undone due to preparing for my daughter's birthday and pure laziness. 

I decided to take action. Not only for my own health but also I wanted to be ready for Miracle Miles 5k/15k. I have yet to decide whether or not to stick with the 5k or just do a 15k. This would be the first time doing a marathon ever. So I am bit nervous if I do sign up for the 15k that I won't be able to finish it. Once it's the mid/end of August I'll make my decision.

Wednesday night was an indicator that I need to hit the gym more. The tread mill that the gym has has a 5k loop option. I always use that to run.  I ran my first mile in 10 minutes and 6 seconds , second mile in 22 minutes and 31 seconds and once I hit the third mile it was 39 minutes and 34 seconds. My total time was 43 minutes and 8 seconds with a completion of 3.20 miles and burned 352 calories.This is not that bad but months ago I was running my first my under or at 9 minutes. In the past I was able to run the 5k loop in about 35-37 minutes. 
I understand it's not a race that it's basically about endurance. But I am a person that needs a clear goal. As of right now my goal is to run the 5k loop in 35 mins. Once I get to that point I will increase the miles I run.

Thursday night was a slight improvement. first mile I ran it in 10 minutes 10 seconds, second mile in 21 minutes and 12 seconds and third mile in 35 minutes and 27 seconds. Yea i know the first mile wasn't as good as Wednesday night's. But there was an improvement in mile 2 and 3. So yay! My total run was of the 5k loop in 38 minutes and 55 seconds and completed 3.23 miles and burned 377 calories.

Tonight I am not going to work out cause I have to be up at 4:30ish a.m. due to my husband (Yes that A.M. ! ugh I know it sucks!). But that is okay I'll make sure I at least go to the gym tomorrow. My main goal is to at least hit the gym 3 times a week. Once I feel comfortable I'll increase the times I go.
One thing that I noticed that I tend to breathe through my mouth when I run. I have to learn to breathe through my nose. I don't remember why you have to do that but I remember when I played lacrosse my coach always reminded us to do that. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Big kid bed

This past Thursday we changed our daughter's crib to a toddler bed ! 
Yay! It is so exciting but at the same time it is challenging. Especially during nap time. She keeps getting up and starts playing with her toys. I should add that she plays with her toys very,very ,very quietly. I find it amusing but after a while it gets annoying cause I need to do other things around the house. 
Today I think she is starting to get the hang of nap time in her new bed. I only had to go in her room twice until she finally fell asleep. 
There were mornings where I would find her with her legs out or she would be like a ball in a corner. I must say every morning is a surprise.

If you are wondering what kind of crib we have. It's the Delta Children's Canton. We got this as a gift . My daughter's godmother purchased this crib through Amazon cause at the time it was cheaper than Target's price. And I believe Babies R Us didn't carry it or was more expensive.

This is what it looked like when it was a crib.

  My husband and I love dark/black wood furniture.It fits well with our style. One thing that I didn't like is how it can be easily scratch. We have a dog and he slightly damaged one side of the railing of the crib cause of his paws. It's not really noticeable right away unless you really pay attention. 
I personally assembled the crib and it was really easy. No crazy tools needed. Also putting it into a toddler bed was easy too. In a couple of years we will convert it to a full size bed. Hopefully our daughter will still like the the style but we will see. If you are eager to convert it into full size bed right away you would need to purchase the bed rails separately. 
Also if you lost the original manual of your crib don't freak out cause they have it on their website ready to download. Yea I misplaced my original manual. (oops!)
I just gotta say that I love this crib! It easily converts as my daughter grows. Not trying to promote this crib but I would recommend to purchase a convertible crib. It is less of a hassle in the future. No need to waste more time or do extra researching/shopping for these kinds of cribs. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Our holiday weekend

The weekend is over :-( 
It was a fun 4th of July weekend. My daughter was able to enjoy the fireworks this year and spend time with her grandpa.

Last year we only did sparklers. I remember she was amused by the light the sparklers produced but she was over it in 2 minutes. 
This time we did a bunch of kinds of fireworks. Loud ones. Colorful ones. She loved them all. 
Once my husband decided to have a Roman candle war . I took her inside.
She ended up watching Curious George with her grandpa the rest of the night.
This weekend we saw despicable me 2. She loves those minions. They always put a smile on her face. It's such an adorable movie. We went to downtown Disney to see it. As always it's was busy there. Since it was Friday and a holiday weekend there are musicians performing. My daughter loved it. She kept shaking her head to the music. It was very amusing  to watch. 
Saturday we just stayed home and BBQ some steak. My father-in-law is a great BBQ-er just like my husband. So of course it was delicious. We were lazy bums and watched willy
 wonka (the older version) . I gave my daughter this play and go activity of despicable me. It was only $.97 at Walmart. It came with a small coloring/activity book, 4 crayons and a small sheet of stickers. She absolutely loved it. Her grandpa helped her out with the stickers. He is a kid himself at times and decided to put a few on her. She had a hard time putting some of the smaller stickers on the paper but she managed . 

On Sunday unfortunately my father-in-law had to leave early to head back to south Florida. But hopefully we will see him and our other family members by the end of July. We are trying to plan a trip down there since we can't make it for  our sister-in-law's baby shower that is this weekend coming up . 
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend ! :-) 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Didn't really plan an outfit so I just wore my wonder woman shirt. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July. We are definitely are! We just finished having tacos. Yea I know that it's not the typical 4th of July/American food. We didn't care, we just wanted tacos lol
My husband is insance and purchased a 144 Roman candles. As we speak he is having a Roman Candle War (not fight) with his friends. Lets hope there is no need to call 9-1-1
This 4th of July is the first one that my daughter is actually enjoying the fireworks. She is not afraid of fireworks at all. On the contrary she wanted to actually touch them. She is crazy just like her papa.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Potty Training Diaries

Day 1 June 22

Well this was really new to me. As a parent I thought I was prepared but it seemed like I was missing something or another. 
I researched how other parents do this potty training thing beforehand. Some of you parents are insane to be able to do this in 3 days. I give you parents props for sure. 
I tested the waters to see how to potty train my daughter. I did the 'be in the bathroom for the whole day and not leave the room'. Granted it was easier to clean up the accidents since it was just one area. But after a while I couldn't take it being the bathroom  and my daughter just wanted to leave. I felt if I kept her trap in the bathroom that she will have this negative connotation to using her potty. So we scratched that idea.
Luckily we have wood (fake wood) floors in the kitchen, dinning room and living room. I took any toys from my daughter's room that can be washed in the sink. I choose legos and her new picnic set since it was all plastic. I also brought out her pink plastic chair for her to sit down. Easy to clean if there was an accident. 
There were a handful of accidents I must admit but hey it's her first day. 
She used the potty 3 times. One of those times she basically tinkle a bit but I still gave her credit for it. Her rewards are a sticker and one M&M. When she pees in the toilet , I get ridiculously excited for her. 
Since she sees that I get excited so she too gets excited. 
To be honest I don't think she truly knew why she was getting these rewards and why her mom is getting all crazy over peeing in a plastic bin but she goes with the flow. 
By 9 pm I am ready to call it quits but I waited till 9:20 so I can start getting her ready for bed. 
Once she was in bed I was so happy. It is truly exhausting cleaning up the messes. 

Day 2 June 23

She is starting to understand a little bit more the idea of potty training. She used the potty 7 times. She still had a handful of accidents.  I would just recommend having a roll of paper towels and a disinfectant spray on hand at all times. 
I tried to sit my daughter down 10 mins after she drank or ate something. She would sit down for 25-35 minutes at a time. This worked well most of the time. 
Towards nap time and bed time she would get cranky. I would also get cranky , frustrated, and tired too. Like I said before it is challenging. 
There was a funny moment where she surprised her self peeing in her potty. It was quite amusing. She originally thought that she was doing something bad so she tired to get up but I assured her that it was okay. I spoke to her in an excited voice and told her "You're peeing! Yay!" After she was done I showed her pee . I know 'eww' but she needs a visual to see why she is sitting in a plastic bin. You can see it in her face how happy and proud she was.

Day 3 June 24

Today we didn't really get a chance to sit down and actually potty train that much. My husband and two co-workers were coming for dinner. So I had to make sure food was prepared and the house was clean. But we did managed to do a few hours of potty though. I made sure that between breakfast time and nap time she did a little training and we did potty train 2 hours after nap time. There was an intermission for lunch time. 
I'm going to try to make it a habit to put my daughter straight to her potty after her nap. I didn't do this the first day. And I should have. 
I think my daughter is starting to get the idea of this training but not fully. 
I am just glad that I am not using 6-7 diapers a day. Instead I am using 3 the most each day. Today was short day of training so she only peed in the potty twice. 
Unfortunately tomorrow is going to look like we won't be able to train at all. We have 2 doctor appointments for my husband (one in the morning the other in the afternoon) We will see what will happen tomorrow. 

Day 4 June 25

Unfortunately we weren't as successful as the other days. We had a doctors appointment that well lets say the doctor discharge us as patients from their practice. Since we cancelled our appointment for the afternoon we were able to potty train a bit. But she didn't use the potty.

Day 5 June 26

We did potty train for about 2-3 hours before we had to head out for the day. She actually used the potty once the rest of the times were accidents. 

Day 6 June 27

Definitely no potty training :-/

Day 7 June 28

We did potty train but there was a handful of accidents. Most of her accidents are when she is playing with legos or she is just distracted with something else. 

Day 8 June 29

My husband tried to help out. It was funny seeing him trying to teach her.
Today I noticed that she was doing the cross your legs signal for the first time ever. I told her to sit down on her potty but she refused. So I demonstrated to use the toilet  (not her potty chair). I told her "Look mommy is using her potty too!" And not even 2 seconds into my sentence she started peeing on the floor. She was sorta done and was proud that she peed. I had to tell her no  that that's not where to you pee and sat her down on her chair. When I made her sit down she did not like it at all. She was trying to get out but at the end she did pee in it. I got really excited and happy for her. She is getting it slowly but surely. It just takes time for her to fully understand.Even though she only used  her potty once today I was still proud of her. I am just glad that I am not wasting so many diapers per day. 
There are a few rules I have made up as I started training my daughter. 
First no sitting in anything that can't be wiped down. Examples are sofa, office chairs, dinning chairs, or carpets. 
Second if toddler drinks a liquid go to the bathroom 15 mins after and make them sit until they pee. 
Third if toddler is really quiet that means that they had an accident so you must clean their mess if not they will play with their puddle of pee or a pet will accidentally step on it (hasn't happened...yet). 
Day 9 June 30

Over night I got sick again. :-/ So since I wasn't feeling well and my husband had to work today there was no training. I hope I get a little better tomorrow. 

I will continue to post either on a weekly or bi-weekly basis on the status of my daughter's potty training. I hope other moms and dads out there can learn from me. If you have any advice on what else I can do to better my training I would gladly appreciate it. Either comment or email me directly ( Thanks!