Surprise You Are A Mom !: Big kid bed


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Big kid bed

This past Thursday we changed our daughter's crib to a toddler bed ! 
Yay! It is so exciting but at the same time it is challenging. Especially during nap time. She keeps getting up and starts playing with her toys. I should add that she plays with her toys very,very ,very quietly. I find it amusing but after a while it gets annoying cause I need to do other things around the house. 
Today I think she is starting to get the hang of nap time in her new bed. I only had to go in her room twice until she finally fell asleep. 
There were mornings where I would find her with her legs out or she would be like a ball in a corner. I must say every morning is a surprise.

If you are wondering what kind of crib we have. It's the Delta Children's Canton. We got this as a gift . My daughter's godmother purchased this crib through Amazon cause at the time it was cheaper than Target's price. And I believe Babies R Us didn't carry it or was more expensive.

This is what it looked like when it was a crib.

  My husband and I love dark/black wood furniture.It fits well with our style. One thing that I didn't like is how it can be easily scratch. We have a dog and he slightly damaged one side of the railing of the crib cause of his paws. It's not really noticeable right away unless you really pay attention. 
I personally assembled the crib and it was really easy. No crazy tools needed. Also putting it into a toddler bed was easy too. In a couple of years we will convert it to a full size bed. Hopefully our daughter will still like the the style but we will see. If you are eager to convert it into full size bed right away you would need to purchase the bed rails separately. 
Also if you lost the original manual of your crib don't freak out cause they have it on their website ready to download. Yea I misplaced my original manual. (oops!)
I just gotta say that I love this crib! It easily converts as my daughter grows. Not trying to promote this crib but I would recommend to purchase a convertible crib. It is less of a hassle in the future. No need to waste more time or do extra researching/shopping for these kinds of cribs.