Surprise You Are A Mom !: Our holiday weekend


Monday, July 8, 2013

Our holiday weekend

The weekend is over :-( 
It was a fun 4th of July weekend. My daughter was able to enjoy the fireworks this year and spend time with her grandpa.

Last year we only did sparklers. I remember she was amused by the light the sparklers produced but she was over it in 2 minutes. 
This time we did a bunch of kinds of fireworks. Loud ones. Colorful ones. She loved them all. 
Once my husband decided to have a Roman candle war . I took her inside.
She ended up watching Curious George with her grandpa the rest of the night.
This weekend we saw despicable me 2. She loves those minions. They always put a smile on her face. It's such an adorable movie. We went to downtown Disney to see it. As always it's was busy there. Since it was Friday and a holiday weekend there are musicians performing. My daughter loved it. She kept shaking her head to the music. It was very amusing  to watch. 
Saturday we just stayed home and BBQ some steak. My father-in-law is a great BBQ-er just like my husband. So of course it was delicious. We were lazy bums and watched willy
 wonka (the older version) . I gave my daughter this play and go activity of despicable me. It was only $.97 at Walmart. It came with a small coloring/activity book, 4 crayons and a small sheet of stickers. She absolutely loved it. Her grandpa helped her out with the stickers. He is a kid himself at times and decided to put a few on her. She had a hard time putting some of the smaller stickers on the paper but she managed . 

On Sunday unfortunately my father-in-law had to leave early to head back to south Florida. But hopefully we will see him and our other family members by the end of July. We are trying to plan a trip down there since we can't make it for  our sister-in-law's baby shower that is this weekend coming up . 
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend ! :-)