Surprise You Are A Mom !: Potty training diaries


Friday, July 19, 2013

Potty training diaries

Day 10-17 July 1-8

Unfortunately we did not potty trained this week. We had a couple of appointments ,outings , getting randomly sick and to top it all off we had the holiday weekend. Normally if the holiday weekend only consisted of my husband and I we would go through the potty training . But I honestly didn't want my fatherinlaw to just clean up after my daughter. I wanted him to enjoy the time with his granddaughter. We are hoping to start on Tuesday since we have a 3-4 hours appointment for my husband on Monday.

Day 18 July 9

Today we started potty training again. We had a couple of accidents. Good thing my husband had the day off today. So he helped out a little bit. She did use the bathroom once today after one of her accidents. It was only like 3 drops but I still awarded her. We did have trouble this morning trying her to sit down on her potty. She refused but after a while she gave in. Once she sat there for 2 minutes I told her she could go play in the living room. I did not want to make the potty a negative thing. By 8:30 pm I was really tired and still had a couple of dishes to finish cleaning from dinner. My husband told me to just finish for the day. I guess he saw I was tired. I honestly wanted to wait till 9-9:15 but I thought about it and just gave in. Didn't want to push myself too much. Hopefully tomorrow she uses the potty at least once. I am aiming for twice but we will see. 

Day 19 July 10

Today we had no luck. My daughter didn't pee at all today. I have a feeling that she just waits till it's time to use her pampers to pee. I might be crazy but I think she is trying to outsmart us. We will try again tomorrow. 

Day 20 July 11

My husband tried to potty train her before he left for work. He told me that she doing the 'crossing her leg' signal. So he thought that putting her in her chair and distracting her with a cup of warm water. Then he decided to pour some of the in her potty while she was there. His thought is that she could get used to the sound and feeling wet. At the end she never peed. Interesting idea of his but I don't want to end up cleaning up puddles of water everywhere.
Later in the afternoon she pooped twice on the floor. And our dog thought it was a nice treat ( I know eww!) He was punished with a time out. the second time it happened he didn't even try. She did finished pooping one of those times in her potty. So that's good since this is her first time doing that. 
Throughout the afternoon I think she kept holding her pee. The reason why I say that is that she had little accidents but not as big like the other times. Finally I think it was around 6:30ish she decides to let everything out on her bathroom floor luckily I got her put her on her potty. Even after putting her in her potty she had more to disperse. 
Around 8:30pm we ended our potty training and switched to pampers. And it was time to get ready for bedtime. 

Day 21 July 12 
We had a few accidents and a few successes. Not really liking sitting down on the potty for a very long time. 

Day 22 July 13
We had a successful potty training day. She went multiple times and peed in small increments. . She still had accidents that had to clean up.

Day 23 July 14
Potty training is going great. She doesn't like to poop in the potty 

Day 24 July 15
Today we didn't potty train.

Day 25 July 16
Today she was a little fussy today. Not really wanting to potty or even sit down. 
Towards the evening I think she realized that she gets rewards. So she did actually sit down and peed . Even though it was small increments it lasted longer than before. So it's a good sign :-) 

Day 26 July 17
Yesterday we ran out of m&m's so we opted to my husband's Reese's puff cereal. We never give her these kinds of cereal her so it's basically a treat. 
She wasn't in the mood to use the potty. 

Day 26 July 18
I'm starting to give up with this potty training thing and stick to diapers till she is 5. She doesn't feel like using the potty at all today.
Tomorrow we have appointment and going out too. How do other parents potty train when they need to leave the house ? Advice would be nice hear. Maybe I'll get some ideas. 
I want to say she is just having a bad day so hopefully on Saturday everything would be different. 

Even though she is not fully potty trained we are saving money on diapers at the moment. It's been about a month and my daughter only used barely 1/4 of the diapers we purchased. Normally by now we are either half way through.