Surprise You Are A Mom !: Potty Training Diaries


Friday, July 26, 2013

Potty Training Diaries

Instead of writing day by day I am going to continue it as a summary of the week. Reading how many bowel movements my daughter has made is not that interesting. Would like for you to enjoy and learn from my experience. 
This past Saturday (July 20th)  my daughter did very well. Used the potty so many times. She even went on her own once. It was quite surprising to see that. We were just hanging out in the bathroom. And all of the sudden she decides to use her potty. But that was the only time she did that. 
I don't know what really changed. Maybe it was my positive attitude towards this whole potty training process. Cause at the beginning I was excited for her to use the potty but I was also dreading it. I guess my attitude transcended. So getting mentally prepared for it worked. 
One thing she doesn't understand or doesn't like to do it poop in her potty. So there was plenty of "eww". That's what my daughter says when she poops. At least she understands that its gross. I've heard stories of kids that think its play-dough. I know gross and feel horrible for those parents. 
The next couple of days were basically the same. She went at least a dozen times and ate a dozen of Regular M&M's. 
One thing I tried to incorporate is trying to teach colors every time she received a M&M. She repeats very well but doesn't really withhold remember what colors are which. I think she is more excited eating it than learning what color it is. Which is understandable. In due time she will get it.