Surprise You Are A Mom !: Project Life


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project Life

I love to scrapbook. I might not be the most elaborate scrapbooker but I do enjoy to be a little creative. One negative thing about scrapbooking is how much time it takes. I am falling behind on my daughter's first year book. It's only half way done though ! I so far have one scrapbook that covers 6 months worth of my daughter's life. (It's a lot!) 

This is my mess of scrapbooking

 I know what you are probably saying  'Slacker!' But it's not about slacking.
It's just life gets in the way. 
Like what my husband always says 'there is a will, there is way'. And I am going to finish the book hopefully by the end of this year. I am just taking my time. 
I am now thinking 'do I have enough energy to do a second scrapbook?'
I then come across with Project Life by Becky Higgins . I think I saw this kind of scrapbooking through Pinterest. When I first saw it I didn't really pay attention. But now that I am really behind with my daughter's scrapbook I started researching more about this Project Life idea. 
Once I started learning more and more about it. I fell in love with the concept! 
Here is a video of what Project Life is about. 
If you click the following it will explain  Becky Higgins' Project Life
Here is a YouTube video from Crafty Hobby House and how she uses Project Life. 

I just love this scrapbooking idea. I am currently planning on my Project Life 2013. I've only done the planning part and I almost caught up in 3 nights. Imagine how quickly I am going to be done with the album once I get my supplies! I'm just waiting for the new editions to come out and save some money for it too. Scrapbooking can get expensive!
I've also been pinning like crazy of anything of Project Life. My Project Life board has a bunch of pins of great ideas, how to's, freebie printables, and much more! You might even get inspired.