Surprise You Are A Mom !: August 2013


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What TV shows do your kids watch?

There are many TV shows out there for kids. Some are fun to watch others are just annoying. 
We personally don't try to limit TV time for our daughter. At this age she is interested in her legos or coloring. So we have it easy for the moment. 
But when we do allow her to watch it used to be sesame street all the time. We don't have tv services so we rely on Netflix. So we would go through all the 5 seasons of Sesame street. 
As much I grew up with sesame street and love all the characters , the songs become repetitive. After a while you'll catch yourself singing or knowing exactly what is going to happen next. For my daughter it was always exciting to see her Sesame Street friends. 
It wasn't until we visited my parents that we were introduced to a couple of TV shows. PBS shows. When I was younger I would always watch Mister Rogers' Neighborhood ,Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow. Those were one of the few TV shows that I truly remember watching when I was younger. 
There was one show that I got a glimpse at when we were at my parents and it's called Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. My reaction to this show was "wow that looks and feels so much like Mister Rogers". Didn't really think much of it and moved on. 
A couple of days later from the first time watching the show, we saw it again at the in-laws' house. My daughter was so amused by this character. That's when I decided to really watch it. Towards the end of the show it states that it is a Fred Rogers Company. I had the  'I should of known' expression on my face. 

I really like the fact that this show has many similarities to Mister Rogers. From Daniel Tiger introducing you, the viewer, as a neighbor to helping kids resolve any emotional/social situation through a simple song. 
As my daughter gets older she will learn more and more from these friendly characters. As of recently it even taught me how to deal with my daughter. In one of the episodes there was a similar situation where one of the characters would get upset. Watching this episode helped me how to calm my daughter down and teach her to breathe and count to five. This is something I knew but it was a great reminder. 
Another show that PBS airs is Super Why! These characters help / encourage the viewer to read and learn the alphabet. This was great since I am trying to teach the alphabet to my daughter. 

I've actually seen my daughter scream out the letter that they were presenting that she already knew. 
My daughter doesn't watch this show as much as Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. But when she does I always try to watch it with her. One of the things that I do is pause the show and encourage her to say the letter that they are presenting. Sometimes she gets annoyed by that but I just don't want her to just watch it. I would like her to learn a little.
Just wondering what shows do you allow your kids to watch? Are they educational or just for amusement?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Back To School Cleaning

Back to school is this week. Some parents and students have already endured the painful return last week. I personally loved going back to school when I was younger. You get new school supplies, go clothes shopping and get to catch up with friends that you couldn't see over the summer. 
But this also means parents have to get back to the swing of things. Making sure waking up on time, clothes are ready and lunches are made.
I love  Clean My Space  channel on YouTube. Melissa Maker makes it very simple how to clean and organize. She recently made 3 part Back to School Cleaning Tips videos.  I honestly wish I knew these few tips years ago. I could of saved a few inked shirts. 
Here are a couple of video cleaning and organizing tips that might help the school year run a little easier.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

singing, balloon, being a toddler

I usually sing in the car (yeah i am one of those people :-P). I admit that I am not the greatest singer. But on our way to the grocery store last Friday I was singing Gimme Sympathy by Metric , I noticed a little someone, my daughter, was trying to sing too! It was really adorable ! I wish I wasn't driving to record her at that time. Once the song was done I screamed out Yay! and applauded her. You can see how proud she was of her singing. Even if it wasn't very clear what she was really singing.  
After grocery shopping we were checking out the cashier asked if she can have a balloon. I told her of course. The bag boy gave her a red balloon. Her eyes lit up and let out a little scream. She was so happy have a balloon. She wanted to hug it. 

Once we got home our dog Harvey is not so fond of balloons. So this was basically torture for him. Especially when you have a toddler chasing him with a balloon. After an hour or two of having the balloon she popped it with her own hands. She didn't cry or freaked out. She simply looked at the popped balloon then to my husband and I and said "Oh no! balloon" Then went to her room to play with her toys. 
If that were me at her age I would of cried my eyes out. I am glad that she is a bit braver than I am. I want her to grow up be a better version of my husband and I. So far she is brave than me with balloons. :-)
I also wanted to announce that I am a proud aunt (again!) 
My sister in law, Cristina, gave birth on the 20th! My daughter has a new cousin, Madison! They live in a different city so we weren't able to see them but hopefully we will see them soon ! She was scheduled to be born on the 29th but decided to arrive early. 
My mother in law, Ingrid, kept telling Cristina that the baby is going to come early. 
I'm pretty sure that she gave her a "I told you so" at the hospital.
My mother in law has a weird gift of knowing things. Before we even knew about our daughter she told my sister in law that she is going to have twins. Cause she had a feeling that she is going to have two grandchildren this year. At the time of her prediction I wasn't aware that I was even pregnant. 
When we gave them the news at the hospital of our daughter's surprise arrival. She was basically "aha!I knew I was right." 
Do any of your family members or yourself have a weird quirk like this?
I purchased a set of crayola's washable markers so we decided to do a couple of drawing for her cousin Madison and for my sister since she starts UM (University of Miami) on Monday the 26th. I must say these markers are washable but it takes about 2-3 hand washes to come off. With the clothes they came off after throwing them in the washer. 

Here are a couple of her masterpieces:

I texted this to my sister in law and was in love with it!

The Potty Training Continues

We still have 15-20 diapers in stock! She is using them less and less.
This week we tried underwear during nap time. So far so good. There was one incident that didn't happen on her bed. She just woke up from her nap. I was in the the other room cleaning and didn't realize it was almost her time when she wakes up. I hear then hear cries from her room. It was her crying cause she peed on herself while on her way to the bathroom. The incident happened in the middle of her doorway. So half of her accident was on carpet (which sucks to clean up) and on our wood floors. 
This week we went out to visit our friends Alexandra and Manny which  they live about 30 minutes away from us. She used the bathroom twice while we were there. I still kept her in diapers just in case she had incidents. But I only changed her diaper when we arrived and before we left. 
This week has been pretty successful. I am going to continue her using underwear while napping. I haven't tried it with bed time but we will see next week if I am brave enough. 
We still use the M&M's and sticker reward system. She is not really into the stickers like she used to be. But with the M&M's she reminds even though my hand is on jar of M&M's. 
My husband helped her last night to use the bathroom. He tried distracting her from her reward by playing chase with her. And it worked! 
Also when she uses our bathroom she never asks about her M&M's only when we are in her bathroom. 
We are still having issues with pooping in her underwear! This is going to be our biggest hurdle to get over. But she has pooped a couple of times in the toilet before. It's just when she is distracted with her toys or concentrating on something that it happens. Good thing she has over a dozen pair of underwear ready to use. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Potty Training Diaries

My daughter has embrace the big girl toilet! She even used a public toilet when we were out. This is great! Another weight is lifted from my shoulders. We are getting closer to being fully potty trained.
While at home, my daughter has one to no peeing accidents. But when it comes to poop its a different story. I have to change her underwear at least twice a day. I still use diapers for naps and bedtime. Sometimes I reuse the same one diaper for the whole day. It's not used at all so why throw it away? 
One thing I've noticed that she sometimes tries to get out of cleaning up her toys or from time out by telling us she needs to use the bathroom. The first couple of times I let it slide. But after a while it starts getting annoying especially when I'm trying to discipline her. My husband suggested when she is in time out (on the wood floors) to have her stand on her own pee. This will make her rethink to use peeing as an excuse to get out of her timeout and it will probably decrease time outs. We tried it out and it does work. This might not be the best thing for every parent, but it works for us. 
Our daughter goes to timeout about 4-6 times per week for 2 minutes. And it's not all the time she pees on herself while on time out. I would say about half the time she tries to pee. Sometimes it doesn't create a puddle.
 She is just smart enough to try to get out of timeout. 
I originally wanted her to wear her underwear while taking her naps but I honestly was not mentally prepared to start that. I might start this coming up week.
I'm thinking of purchasing a small pack of pull ups. The only reason why I am thinking of this is that when we go out there are some places that we went to don't have a changing table. 
( -__- <-- that's my expression every time it happens)
And pull ups seem so easy to put back on. Once I'm down to my last 5 diapers I'll make my purchase. Hopefully by then I won't have to make that expense. But it doesn't hurt to have a plan. My questions to parents what kind of pull ups brand do you use? I know there's Huggies and Pampers. Which one do you use and why?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This Past Week

This past week as many know there was a large power ball sum. We never play the lotto. But my husband and I were like 'hey why not?' 
It's funny the things that we were thinking of if we won the jackpot (i think that's the term). From my husband quitting his job, traveling, having an official wedding , to purchasing a zombie-proof home. 
Of course we won! Just kidding we didn't. Would we play again? Not really. Unless the winnings are an extremely large sum. It was interesting to learn how to play these games. You don't necessarily need to get all the numbers to win but if you get a few of them you can get a small portion. 
Another event that happened this week was that we finally got our dog neutered!
 Poor guy is wearing the cone of shame for the next 2 weeks. We always had the intention to neuter him. My husband got him a few months before our daughter surprised us. I say him and not we because he just comes home from work and surprises me with a dog. One thing after another we delayed the neutering procedure. But it is finally done.
I felt so bad for Harvey. He didn't know what he was getting himself into. 
But my husband kept making jokes like "now we get all million channels" cause of his cone.

I usually check his stitches every morning to make sure he didn't rip them off somehow. On Saturday morning he did what I was hoping he would not do. I immediately called the vet. I had to at least wait till my daughter ate her breakfast. My husband couldn't go cause he had to do some work. So it was basically my daughter and I driving Harvey to the vet. 
Luckily the vet was available and stapled him together. They changed his cone of shame to a bigger size. He is better now but just annoyed by the cone.
We just need to wait 2 more weeks so the vet can take out the staples. 
My daughter was so sweet to him. Petting him and trying to hug him too. She even tried to feed him. It's interesting to see how children can be attached to their pets. I never had any pets when growing up. So this is basically a new experience to me. 
That same day towards the late afternoon I decided to do an activity outside. We still had bubble solution from my daughter's birthday party. It wasn't too hot it was just perfect weather.
My daughter loved blowing bubbles! She even said "I id bubbles!" with excitement. We were outside until our little bottle was completely empty. She was upset that we had to go back in. But she somehow drenched herself with the bubble solution so it was time for a bath before dinner. 

It was nice to see my daughter enjoy the simple joys and seeing her become a little person. She is no longer a baby. She can do things on her own now. She is almost fully potty trained and soon will be off to pre-k! I think every parent gets to this stage and becomes a little teary eyed about it. I am just proud to have her in my life. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Grilled Pork Medallions

Made another family approved meal! And I personally used the grill! So ladies the grill is not only a man thing! My husband, my dad or my father in law are usually the ones that grill in my family. I could of just pulled out my George Foreman Grill but I wanted to to try to grill on my own. Mind you I'm terrified of grills always thinking that I'm going to burn myself or the gas tank is going to explode lol But I got over this fear and made delicious Grilled Pork Medallions
Surprisingly they were Weight Watchers friendly. Great flavor! My husband was bummed when we didn't have any leftovers! I've made these about 3 times since I first made them. One thing I've changed was the amount of garlic. Like I said before my family loves garlic in almost everything. I want to say I used about 2 tablespoons of garlic. I used the appropriate measurements when I first made this meal and it was delicious but we just LOVE garlic.
As side dishes we made rice with corn on the cob or Mac and Cheese with peas. I hope your family enjoys this meal as much as my family did :-)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

gym time

Thursday I ran my 5k loop on the treadmill straight without stopping! Yay for me ! 
This is a great indicator that I can run a 5k in less than an hour. 
I didn't keep an eye of my times per mile. I really wanted to see my total time. Also tried to run at a steady pace. From what I remember the machine said that my pace per mile was about 12 minutes. 

This week I want to try to run 2 5k loops back to back to see how I am doing. And next week I'll try to 3 5k loops back to back too. You might be thinking "lady you are crazy!" but I am just curious about my endurance. If I can do 3 5k loops back to back then I'll officially sign up for Miracle Miles 15k! If not then I'll stick to 5k.
Another thing I have to tackle is that I have to discipline myself to drink more water throughout the day. That is one thing I am horrible at. I don't drink soda or juice. But I just don't drink enough water. I'm trying to drink one extra glass of water in the morning and at night besides what I drink during my meals. 

Potty training diaries

After my last post my daughter actually pooped in her potty ! It's a gross act to be happy about. Nonetheless it's another accomplishment. Another indicator that she is getting closer to being fully potty trained!
She is becoming a little smarty pants though. She tries to pee in small increments to receive her M&M's. So what I have done to avoid this was to ask her to pee twice to earn her reward. Of course there were times she didn't want to do that. But the key is to be consistent about it. She finally gives in and does what she is asked.
We went out twice this week.One of the days we were out all day I tried to help her to use the bathroom but she wouldn't use it while we were out. We left the house that day around 8:30-ish A.M. and didn't come home till 6-ish P.M. and she didn't dirty her diaper at all. I always put her diaper when we go out to avoid any accidents. She held it in until we got home. I was amazed but also concerned cause I don't want her feel weird using public bathrooms. I tried asking her if she needed to go to the bathroom. We went but she wouldn't even try to use the bathroom. 
 I think I need her to practice using the regular toilet. The potty that we have is able to detach the seat and can be transferred to a normal size toilet. 
We will see how she does after a week. 
I feel it will not be too long till she is fully potty trained! :-) I'll give her another 2-3 months. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Organizing bathroom

I'm guilty to having a messing bathroom cabinet. To make it worse the bottom of my cabinet is concave for some reason. So even if I tried to straighten my things it will fall over.

You see I told you ! It's MESSY!

So what can I do to get organize? 
I went to the dollar tree and purchased 5 baskets and a mini trash bin (My old one I had since college). My total cost was 4 bucks. Yeah I could of gone to my local bed bath and beyond or the container store. But to be honest I didn't want to waste more than 10 bucks to get myself organize. 

 When I do my grocery shopping list I never really look at what we need for personal use. Sometimes a week after I have gone grocery shopping I would have to make a pit stop to purchase deodorant or bar soap. Now that my cabinets are organized I can see everything at first glance. There is no need to pull extra drawers or go through stacked containers.  I can see really quickly what is needed and second trips can be avoided. 

The way I organized (from farthest left to right ):
  • First basket has any boxed items like deodorant , toothpaste, boxed cologne (that my husband never uses but his grandma keeps sending him ) , shoe polish kit, etc
  • Second basket has any bottle items like shampoo for pets and humans. I also added shaving products and an Axe spray.
  • Next basket was tricky cause this is where the concave area is really located so what I did to try to level it was to use my husband's wooden box cologne kits. In this basket is mainly for girly things like tampons and pads. 
  • As you can see where I keep my brushes we use a small rectangular vase (we purchased it in Ikea about 4 years ago) 
  • Next basket was anything miscellaneous items. We have an old tooth brush, scissors, matches, etc. 
  • In the second glass container I store hair ties , bobby pins things of that sort
  • The last basket is filled with soap bars
  • Then we have our q-tip box and our blow dryer

I hope this can give you ideas to organize your mess! 
If you need more ideas for cleaning or organizing you can see my cleaning organizing tips board on Pinterest :)