Surprise You Are A Mom !: Back To School Cleaning


Monday, August 26, 2013

Back To School Cleaning

Back to school is this week. Some parents and students have already endured the painful return last week. I personally loved going back to school when I was younger. You get new school supplies, go clothes shopping and get to catch up with friends that you couldn't see over the summer. 
But this also means parents have to get back to the swing of things. Making sure waking up on time, clothes are ready and lunches are made.
I love  Clean My Space  channel on YouTube. Melissa Maker makes it very simple how to clean and organize. She recently made 3 part Back to School Cleaning Tips videos.  I honestly wish I knew these few tips years ago. I could of saved a few inked shirts. 
Here are a couple of video cleaning and organizing tips that might help the school year run a little easier.