Surprise You Are A Mom !: Organizing bathroom


Friday, August 2, 2013

Organizing bathroom

I'm guilty to having a messing bathroom cabinet. To make it worse the bottom of my cabinet is concave for some reason. So even if I tried to straighten my things it will fall over.

You see I told you ! It's MESSY!

So what can I do to get organize? 
I went to the dollar tree and purchased 5 baskets and a mini trash bin (My old one I had since college). My total cost was 4 bucks. Yeah I could of gone to my local bed bath and beyond or the container store. But to be honest I didn't want to waste more than 10 bucks to get myself organize. 

 When I do my grocery shopping list I never really look at what we need for personal use. Sometimes a week after I have gone grocery shopping I would have to make a pit stop to purchase deodorant or bar soap. Now that my cabinets are organized I can see everything at first glance. There is no need to pull extra drawers or go through stacked containers.  I can see really quickly what is needed and second trips can be avoided. 

The way I organized (from farthest left to right ):
  • First basket has any boxed items like deodorant , toothpaste, boxed cologne (that my husband never uses but his grandma keeps sending him ) , shoe polish kit, etc
  • Second basket has any bottle items like shampoo for pets and humans. I also added shaving products and an Axe spray.
  • Next basket was tricky cause this is where the concave area is really located so what I did to try to level it was to use my husband's wooden box cologne kits. In this basket is mainly for girly things like tampons and pads. 
  • As you can see where I keep my brushes we use a small rectangular vase (we purchased it in Ikea about 4 years ago) 
  • Next basket was anything miscellaneous items. We have an old tooth brush, scissors, matches, etc. 
  • In the second glass container I store hair ties , bobby pins things of that sort
  • The last basket is filled with soap bars
  • Then we have our q-tip box and our blow dryer

I hope this can give you ideas to organize your mess! 
If you need more ideas for cleaning or organizing you can see my cleaning organizing tips board on Pinterest :)