Surprise You Are A Mom !: Potty training diaries


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Potty training diaries

After my last post my daughter actually pooped in her potty ! It's a gross act to be happy about. Nonetheless it's another accomplishment. Another indicator that she is getting closer to being fully potty trained!
She is becoming a little smarty pants though. She tries to pee in small increments to receive her M&M's. So what I have done to avoid this was to ask her to pee twice to earn her reward. Of course there were times she didn't want to do that. But the key is to be consistent about it. She finally gives in and does what she is asked.
We went out twice this week.One of the days we were out all day I tried to help her to use the bathroom but she wouldn't use it while we were out. We left the house that day around 8:30-ish A.M. and didn't come home till 6-ish P.M. and she didn't dirty her diaper at all. I always put her diaper when we go out to avoid any accidents. She held it in until we got home. I was amazed but also concerned cause I don't want her feel weird using public bathrooms. I tried asking her if she needed to go to the bathroom. We went but she wouldn't even try to use the bathroom. 
 I think I need her to practice using the regular toilet. The potty that we have is able to detach the seat and can be transferred to a normal size toilet. 
We will see how she does after a week. 
I feel it will not be too long till she is fully potty trained! :-) I'll give her another 2-3 months.