Surprise You Are A Mom !: Potty Training Diaries


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Potty Training Diaries

My daughter has embrace the big girl toilet! She even used a public toilet when we were out. This is great! Another weight is lifted from my shoulders. We are getting closer to being fully potty trained.
While at home, my daughter has one to no peeing accidents. But when it comes to poop its a different story. I have to change her underwear at least twice a day. I still use diapers for naps and bedtime. Sometimes I reuse the same one diaper for the whole day. It's not used at all so why throw it away? 
One thing I've noticed that she sometimes tries to get out of cleaning up her toys or from time out by telling us she needs to use the bathroom. The first couple of times I let it slide. But after a while it starts getting annoying especially when I'm trying to discipline her. My husband suggested when she is in time out (on the wood floors) to have her stand on her own pee. This will make her rethink to use peeing as an excuse to get out of her timeout and it will probably decrease time outs. We tried it out and it does work. This might not be the best thing for every parent, but it works for us. 
Our daughter goes to timeout about 4-6 times per week for 2 minutes. And it's not all the time she pees on herself while on time out. I would say about half the time she tries to pee. Sometimes it doesn't create a puddle.
 She is just smart enough to try to get out of timeout. 
I originally wanted her to wear her underwear while taking her naps but I honestly was not mentally prepared to start that. I might start this coming up week.
I'm thinking of purchasing a small pack of pull ups. The only reason why I am thinking of this is that when we go out there are some places that we went to don't have a changing table. 
( -__- <-- that's my expression every time it happens)
And pull ups seem so easy to put back on. Once I'm down to my last 5 diapers I'll make my purchase. Hopefully by then I won't have to make that expense. But it doesn't hurt to have a plan. My questions to parents what kind of pull ups brand do you use? I know there's Huggies and Pampers. Which one do you use and why?