Surprise You Are A Mom !: singing, balloon, being a toddler


Saturday, August 24, 2013

singing, balloon, being a toddler

I usually sing in the car (yeah i am one of those people :-P). I admit that I am not the greatest singer. But on our way to the grocery store last Friday I was singing Gimme Sympathy by Metric , I noticed a little someone, my daughter, was trying to sing too! It was really adorable ! I wish I wasn't driving to record her at that time. Once the song was done I screamed out Yay! and applauded her. You can see how proud she was of her singing. Even if it wasn't very clear what she was really singing.  
After grocery shopping we were checking out the cashier asked if she can have a balloon. I told her of course. The bag boy gave her a red balloon. Her eyes lit up and let out a little scream. She was so happy have a balloon. She wanted to hug it. 

Once we got home our dog Harvey is not so fond of balloons. So this was basically torture for him. Especially when you have a toddler chasing him with a balloon. After an hour or two of having the balloon she popped it with her own hands. She didn't cry or freaked out. She simply looked at the popped balloon then to my husband and I and said "Oh no! balloon" Then went to her room to play with her toys. 
If that were me at her age I would of cried my eyes out. I am glad that she is a bit braver than I am. I want her to grow up be a better version of my husband and I. So far she is brave than me with balloons. :-)
I also wanted to announce that I am a proud aunt (again!) 
My sister in law, Cristina, gave birth on the 20th! My daughter has a new cousin, Madison! They live in a different city so we weren't able to see them but hopefully we will see them soon ! She was scheduled to be born on the 29th but decided to arrive early. 
My mother in law, Ingrid, kept telling Cristina that the baby is going to come early. 
I'm pretty sure that she gave her a "I told you so" at the hospital.
My mother in law has a weird gift of knowing things. Before we even knew about our daughter she told my sister in law that she is going to have twins. Cause she had a feeling that she is going to have two grandchildren this year. At the time of her prediction I wasn't aware that I was even pregnant. 
When we gave them the news at the hospital of our daughter's surprise arrival. She was basically "aha!I knew I was right." 
Do any of your family members or yourself have a weird quirk like this?
I purchased a set of crayola's washable markers so we decided to do a couple of drawing for her cousin Madison and for my sister since she starts UM (University of Miami) on Monday the 26th. I must say these markers are washable but it takes about 2-3 hand washes to come off. With the clothes they came off after throwing them in the washer. 

Here are a couple of her masterpieces:

I texted this to my sister in law and was in love with it!