Surprise You Are A Mom !: The Potty Training Continues


Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Potty Training Continues

We still have 15-20 diapers in stock! She is using them less and less.
This week we tried underwear during nap time. So far so good. There was one incident that didn't happen on her bed. She just woke up from her nap. I was in the the other room cleaning and didn't realize it was almost her time when she wakes up. I hear then hear cries from her room. It was her crying cause she peed on herself while on her way to the bathroom. The incident happened in the middle of her doorway. So half of her accident was on carpet (which sucks to clean up) and on our wood floors. 
This week we went out to visit our friends Alexandra and Manny which  they live about 30 minutes away from us. She used the bathroom twice while we were there. I still kept her in diapers just in case she had incidents. But I only changed her diaper when we arrived and before we left. 
This week has been pretty successful. I am going to continue her using underwear while napping. I haven't tried it with bed time but we will see next week if I am brave enough. 
We still use the M&M's and sticker reward system. She is not really into the stickers like she used to be. But with the M&M's she reminds even though my hand is on jar of M&M's. 
My husband helped her last night to use the bathroom. He tried distracting her from her reward by playing chase with her. And it worked! 
Also when she uses our bathroom she never asks about her M&M's only when we are in her bathroom. 
We are still having issues with pooping in her underwear! This is going to be our biggest hurdle to get over. But she has pooped a couple of times in the toilet before. It's just when she is distracted with her toys or concentrating on something that it happens. Good thing she has over a dozen pair of underwear ready to use.