Surprise You Are A Mom !: This Past Week


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This Past Week

This past week as many know there was a large power ball sum. We never play the lotto. But my husband and I were like 'hey why not?' 
It's funny the things that we were thinking of if we won the jackpot (i think that's the term). From my husband quitting his job, traveling, having an official wedding , to purchasing a zombie-proof home. 
Of course we won! Just kidding we didn't. Would we play again? Not really. Unless the winnings are an extremely large sum. It was interesting to learn how to play these games. You don't necessarily need to get all the numbers to win but if you get a few of them you can get a small portion. 
Another event that happened this week was that we finally got our dog neutered!
 Poor guy is wearing the cone of shame for the next 2 weeks. We always had the intention to neuter him. My husband got him a few months before our daughter surprised us. I say him and not we because he just comes home from work and surprises me with a dog. One thing after another we delayed the neutering procedure. But it is finally done.
I felt so bad for Harvey. He didn't know what he was getting himself into. 
But my husband kept making jokes like "now we get all million channels" cause of his cone.

I usually check his stitches every morning to make sure he didn't rip them off somehow. On Saturday morning he did what I was hoping he would not do. I immediately called the vet. I had to at least wait till my daughter ate her breakfast. My husband couldn't go cause he had to do some work. So it was basically my daughter and I driving Harvey to the vet. 
Luckily the vet was available and stapled him together. They changed his cone of shame to a bigger size. He is better now but just annoyed by the cone.
We just need to wait 2 more weeks so the vet can take out the staples. 
My daughter was so sweet to him. Petting him and trying to hug him too. She even tried to feed him. It's interesting to see how children can be attached to their pets. I never had any pets when growing up. So this is basically a new experience to me. 
That same day towards the late afternoon I decided to do an activity outside. We still had bubble solution from my daughter's birthday party. It wasn't too hot it was just perfect weather.
My daughter loved blowing bubbles! She even said "I id bubbles!" with excitement. We were outside until our little bottle was completely empty. She was upset that we had to go back in. But she somehow drenched herself with the bubble solution so it was time for a bath before dinner. 

It was nice to see my daughter enjoy the simple joys and seeing her become a little person. She is no longer a baby. She can do things on her own now. She is almost fully potty trained and soon will be off to pre-k! I think every parent gets to this stage and becomes a little teary eyed about it. I am just proud to have her in my life.