Surprise You Are A Mom !: What TV shows do your kids watch?


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What TV shows do your kids watch?

There are many TV shows out there for kids. Some are fun to watch others are just annoying. 
We personally don't try to limit TV time for our daughter. At this age she is interested in her legos or coloring. So we have it easy for the moment. 
But when we do allow her to watch it used to be sesame street all the time. We don't have tv services so we rely on Netflix. So we would go through all the 5 seasons of Sesame street. 
As much I grew up with sesame street and love all the characters , the songs become repetitive. After a while you'll catch yourself singing or knowing exactly what is going to happen next. For my daughter it was always exciting to see her Sesame Street friends. 
It wasn't until we visited my parents that we were introduced to a couple of TV shows. PBS shows. When I was younger I would always watch Mister Rogers' Neighborhood ,Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow. Those were one of the few TV shows that I truly remember watching when I was younger. 
There was one show that I got a glimpse at when we were at my parents and it's called Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. My reaction to this show was "wow that looks and feels so much like Mister Rogers". Didn't really think much of it and moved on. 
A couple of days later from the first time watching the show, we saw it again at the in-laws' house. My daughter was so amused by this character. That's when I decided to really watch it. Towards the end of the show it states that it is a Fred Rogers Company. I had the  'I should of known' expression on my face. 

I really like the fact that this show has many similarities to Mister Rogers. From Daniel Tiger introducing you, the viewer, as a neighbor to helping kids resolve any emotional/social situation through a simple song. 
As my daughter gets older she will learn more and more from these friendly characters. As of recently it even taught me how to deal with my daughter. In one of the episodes there was a similar situation where one of the characters would get upset. Watching this episode helped me how to calm my daughter down and teach her to breathe and count to five. This is something I knew but it was a great reminder. 
Another show that PBS airs is Super Why! These characters help / encourage the viewer to read and learn the alphabet. This was great since I am trying to teach the alphabet to my daughter. 

I've actually seen my daughter scream out the letter that they were presenting that she already knew. 
My daughter doesn't watch this show as much as Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. But when she does I always try to watch it with her. One of the things that I do is pause the show and encourage her to say the letter that they are presenting. Sometimes she gets annoyed by that but I just don't want her to just watch it. I would like her to learn a little.
Just wondering what shows do you allow your kids to watch? Are they educational or just for amusement?