Surprise You Are A Mom !: September 2013


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hello Ft.Lauderdale/Miami!

Starting today I am currently in Ft.Lauderdale ! Yay! 
My husband has a work event starting Saturday till next Friday. Unfortunately, I am not able to stay with him in the hotel room. (I honestly wish I was! They are staying literally about a mile or so from the beach.) But luckily we have family and friends that live here. 
We came in a little earlier to relax but my husband seems to be pulled to do work even though he requested days off. One of the disadvantages of working from home. Oh well!
I can't wait to see my family this weekend! My little brother's birthday is this weekend and it will be the first birthday in a long time that I can actually celebrate with him! And he is turning 15! I feel old! Can't wait to go to the beach and get a decent tan and hang out with friends too. 
We are also meeting our niece, Maddie, for the first time in person! So exciting!
Right now we are staying at my Mother-in-law's apartment. She has an amazing view of the beach!  
Told you it was amazing.
During the weekend I'll be going into the suburbs part of Miami where I grew up. Probably take my daughter to the park where I used to go or go to my favorite Spanish food restaurants. So many places to go and so little time! 
So you guys know I might or might not blog for the next week or so. Don't fret! I'll be back !:-)

If you are interested in what we are doing while in my vacay follow me through Twitter (will most likely be active there)

Potty Training

This past week has been okay with potty training. 
Changing the reward system was working the first day. She poopsies once ! yay! But that was basically the highlight of week to be honest. 
She continues to use her training diapers during bedtime and when we go out. A little bit more than half of the time her diaper is completely dry overnight. Which great! Maybe at the end of October I'll start leaving her regular undies on for bedtime. During nap time it's basically a 50-50 chance that she wets the bed. It's still a process. 
Changing the reward system was easier than I thought. I thought my daughter was going to cry that she wasn't going to receive her M&M when she pees but she was cool about it. No fighting. Nothing. She was pleased with just getting a sticker of her choosing. 
One thing I have to keep up this week is to remind her about her reward when she poopsies throughout the day. I feel she keeps forgetting about it. And by the time I remind her it's usually after she does it in her undies. 
We will see how it goes this week!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Tiny babies big miracles !

As I mentioned in my previous post I signed up for Miracle Miles Run 5k and I ran it this Saturday! My first 5k! yay!
I must say it was  a bit challenging for me. Even though I work out weekly for this event. 
That day I had to get up at 3:30(ish) a.m. to start getting ready. I made myself a smoothie cause I knew I couldn't eat a big breakfast. 
My smoothie consist of:
 - 8 oz of milk,
 - 1 banana 
- about 1/2 cup of old fashion oats (I usually eye ball it)
You can add peanut butter but I don't really like peanut butter. Or add a variety of fruits.
I made sure my daughter had her lunchbox ready with snacks and drinks for the event. 
Once that was done I had to wake up the babies. I mean my daughter and husband (hehe)
We got there a bit early around 6 a.m. 
We walked around the park. My daughter was curious about everything; watching the vendors setting up and all the new faces. The WaWa vendors were already making smoothies so we took a couple of samples. There were a few times where she wanted to use the bathroom but the only bathrooms open were the portapotty.  She didn't really enjoy it that much so she didn't use it. 
At 6:40am Dr Gregor Alexander started the introduction ceremony. His speech was so touching. We then sang the national anthem. This was the first time my daughter has heard the anthem. I  put her hand over her heart at first she didn't understand but then she saw her Papa do it so she did it too. It was really adorable she just kept looking around at the people singing and tried to sing it too.
At 7 a.m. the 5k run started! And off we went! 
I got to my first mile at 9 minutes and 20 seconds. A little bit after the first mile they were giving little cups of water. I have to admit , I almost choked on the water while trying to run at the same time. I don't know how those pro runners do it. Oh well! I survived that. Second mile was up at 22 minutes and I don't really remember the seconds. At this point I knew I had to pick up the pace a little. There was this little kid, he must of been like 8-9 years old. He zoomed right by me! I must say kids have amazing energy to dispense! That kid some how gave me a boost to run faster. I hit mile 3. At that point I didn't see the actual time. We had amazing volunteers cheering us on. I guess they saw our faces of struggle a bit. 
I finished at 38 minutes and 20-something seconds ! Right under my personal goal of 45 minutes! I was so happy and proud of myself when I finished! 
I struggled a little I must say. But I am willing to do this again next year. I don't think I'll do the 15k but you never know. I never thought of completing a 5k before and here I am. Checking it off of my list. 
After I was done I enjoyed coffee and a bagel from Panera Bread. I couldn't stay long for the festivities because we accidentally made an oil change appointment for the same day. Oh well there is always next year!
The few moments that we were there we saw quadruplets in little wagons. On the side of the wagons they had banners saying 'I Love NICU' and 'NICU graduates' Seeing all these kids grown up and to think many, many years ago there wasn't really a NICU they wouldn't have had a greater chance of survival. It just amazes me. It still amazes me when I see my daughter. It's true  as they say 'Tiny Babies, Big Miracles!'. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our week

Two weeks ago we didn't have such a great week. We had to go to the ER for our daughter and let go our dog to the animal shelter. This past week I was better and my daughter too. Her stitches are still healing. I am glad to say that she is not scared of dogs at all. We take walks around our apartment complex and when she sees a dog she wants to pet it. I am just grateful that she has no fear of them. 
Now that I have slightly more time, I have more energy and time for my daughter. We continue to take more walks and have more activities outside, which is great! 
If you follow me on Twitter you might know that my husband went to the gym ! Yay!
He really wants to lose weight but needs support. My daughter and I go with him since we have a gym in our apartment complex. This creates great family time. My husband enjoys walking hand in hand with our daughter. Any opportunity we find to spend time together we always take advantage. 
I would like to work out when he goes to the gym but someone has to keep an eye on our little toddler that loves to touch everything. We go to the gym in the morning. I'm not a morning person, but I wake up because I love my husband.
As I mentioned before I have more energy and time so we were semi-deep cleaning my daughter's room. She even helped me by cleaning her play kitchen. She loves helping me clean. It's great that I am able to instill this in her. I hope this doesn't go away. 
As a mom you wear many hats. Chauffeur,  chef, cleaning lady, and the list go on. This week I was manicure and pedicure lady for my husband and my daughter. My daughter dislikes cutting her nails. She would let me cut maybe 3 fingernails or toenails. My husband loves the fact that he doesn't have to do it himself. He has more pedicures than me. (I should have never introduce pedicures to him when we were dating. Oh well!)  Do you have tips for cutting toddler's nails? I know that toddlers don't like to sit still for long. 
If you encounter this problem how did you over come it?
I want to announce that I officially signed up for Miracle Miles 2013 5K!!! Yay! I am super excited and nervous! I told myself that I would like to do the 15k. Unfortunately I felt that I wasn't fully prepared for it so I stick to the 5k. I run this Satuday (September 21st) I can't wait! Maybe next year I'll do the 15k. 
Over the weekend we decorated our home for Halloween/Thanksgiving. I love this time of year! Dressing up for Halloween, having turkey for thanksgiving, and next thing you'll know it's going to be Christmas!My husband question why I was decorating so early. I had to remind him that we will be in October in 2 weeks or so. Time flies !
On Sunday for no reason my husband surprised me roses and a card! Just because.
It reminded me of our early years of dating. He would buy me flowers and cards to remind me that he loves me. I remember one time he hid a rose in the trunk of the car. He tricked me and asked to get him his camera or something so I can find the rose. I'm so lucky to have him :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Potty Training Diaries

This week we purchased my daughter's first pack of pull ups! 
I honestly didn't want to purchase them but we had too. She still does have accidents. 
We got the Toys R Us brand for her pull-ups. The only reason why I got these it's cause of how cheap they were. The pack had 44 for $11.99 (plus tax). When you compare it to the other brands this is an amazing deal. Other brands like pampers or huggies their average small pack comes with about 25 pull-ups for the price between $17-20. 

For the Toys R Us brand I basically paid $.27 for each pull ups versus $.68-.80 each for the other brands. I have to be honest, I've used cheaper brands for diapers before and I must say they never work out and we stick to the Pampers brand. I was a bit concerned that there would be an issue with these. I'm glad to say there is no issue at all. It holds the pee and poop very well. (Apologies for the details)
One concern that I had was that my daughter's waist is small. At  times she has problems fitting in the 2T size bottoms. Since the smallest size is 2T/3T it had me worried. 
They fortunately fit well on her. (yay!)
Even though the pull-ups are diaper material my daughter she still acts like they are her regular underwear. It makes it easy for her to pull them down. And of course makes it much easier for me to put them on we are out. No more need to lay her down. 
This week's potty training she has been pretty good about accidents. She only had 2 accidents. Luckily one of those accidents she was wearing her pull-ups (I totally forgot to switch her to her regular undies that morning) so no major clean up for this mommy. 
As always she still does poopsies in her underwear. Twice a day without fail. (yay.....) 
I want to change that a soon as possible! So I am planning a little alteration in the reward system. 
Right now if she pees she receives 1 M&M's and 1 sticker. When she does her poopsies in the toilet she receives 2 M&M's and 1 sticker. 
Starting today her rewards will be if she pees she will receive 1 sticker and for poopsies in the toilet she will receive 1 M&M's and 1 Sticker. 
I'm hoping this would push her to really try to use the bathroom instead of a yucky mess for mommy to clean up. Wish us luck this week! 
Remember last week that I was running low on stickers? 
Well I was going through our arts and craft drawer and I found my daughter's stickers from Easter. Aren't these adorable?! 
As you can tell from the picture we used a couple of them already. 
Do you have kids that are already potty trained? What were your techniques? 
Sharing is always helpful :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Reasons Why I Love Fall

Found this on Pinterest. (of course!) I love this kitty besides the grumpy cat. It's just so adorable and funny too!
Who is ready for Fall? I know I am ! :-D 
Hmm, Pumpkin Pie!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant Reactions

Naturally everyone reacts to an action that another person has made. So it's natural for people to judge even though there are people who try not to. I don't always get the same reaction when I say I'm a 'I didn't know I was pregnant' mom.  I either get a confused look, a judging stare or that's cool and move on reaction. 
The first couple of months you are always in and out of a pediatrician's office. Making sure vaccinations are in order and etc.
 While waiting in the waiting room you do come across moms. You chit chat about the pregnancy , when they found out about the sex of the baby, and the delivery of the baby. 
At first I didn't want to tell these strangers of how I found out about my pregnancy/labor. It was kinda of embarrassing for me. 
A grown college educated woman almost in her mid 20's not knowing she is pregnant? This never made sense for me and I am pretty sure to other people too. 
After a while I decided to just say I am a 'I didn't know I was pregnant' mom. I wasn't announcing it from the first moment I met someone. I only mentioned it if it came up in conversation. 
Some reactions weren't as friendly. I am pretty sure their intentions were not to hurt my feelings but it did. It made me feel like 'hey stupid ! how could you NOT know?!" 
But after explaining that I didn't really show a huge belly or didn't have any normal symptoms it kind of made more sense to them. 
I remember there was a reaction that caught me off guard late last year. I was at the pet store with my daughter. We were playing with these 2 dogs that were up for adoption. And there was a mom and her son that were hanging out there too. We got to chatting about the kids and of course pregnancy and labor. I then told her about my situation. She was surprisingly open minded about it. No judgement at all. She actually commented saying that she kinda wish she has gone through pregnancy like myself. She told me how nerve-racking it was for her since this was her first pregnancy. And like any new parent , she researched and read a bunch of things about pregnancy and labor which made her even more nervous about it. 
Thinking back at it I am kinda glad that I didn't have a normal pregnancy. Yes I would of loved to have had a baby shower with my friends and family. But I didn't have that extra stress or have the option to over thinking things. Not saying to not go to your doctors or to just wing it with pregnancy/labor . But I was very lucky that my baby girl was completely healthy when she was born. I think it was the shock and the adrenaline that kicked in when I was in labor because she was born in about 3-5 hours. And that included trying to figure out the 'random pains' I was having, then being transferred to a different hospital and the labor. 
I know moms like me are a small percentage. I hope that they know that they are not alone. 
We just had different way of knowing about our pregnancy. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It's hard to believe it's been 12 years. 
My thoughts go out to those that still suffer from losses on this day.

Monday, September 9, 2013

potty training still continues

As you know from our previous post we had a rough couple of days this past week. Especially for our daughter. But we still managed to potty train. 
When we went to the ER our little one was in underwear. I didn't realize it until we were changing her into the hospital gown. Even though we were at the hospital she still used the bathroom twice. They weren't even false alarms either. I was really proud of her. 
We headed home and kept her in her underwear. And guess what? No accident! yay! 
It was about a 15-20 minute drive. So it wasn't too bad. 
On Saturday she pooped in the toilet! It seems like on average she once poops maybe every 2-3 weeks in the toilet. The rest of time is a big messy surprise for mommy to clean up (yay....)
Now that she is on antibiotics it seems like poop is extremely messy. I've had about 4 incidents to clean up. Of course my husband helps as much as he can but can't stand the smell of poop.
This week all of the sudden my daughter is interested in the sticker aspect of the rewards. She basically demanded that she picks out the stickers herself. Which is fine by me. But I am now running low on stickers. This means Dollar Tree run sometime in the next couple of days.
 Other than that she has had normal potty routine. No accidents on her bed even after waking up from naptime. I always make sure she using the bathroom before and after her nap. I am running really low on diapers now so I have to do purchase pull-ups soon! Didn't really want to buy anymore disposable diapers but hopefully only one pack should be fine.  We will see what the coming weeks bring :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Emotional Couple of Days

Where to start ? 
On Wednesday we went to our daughter's pediatrician to see what they can do about her random rash. 
While in the waiting room she was trying to control 3 other kids (mind you they were old than her) while playing with the mega blocks. It was quite amusing to watch. I had to intervene a couple of times to teach her that it's not okay to completely take over. I want to say she understood but she did it again a couple times while we waited. She doesn't mind sharing the problem was how they were using the blocks was what she didn't like. There will be plenty of more time to teach her. 
After the appointment and picking up her prescription cream we were home. I was making a snack for my husband when it happened. Our dog bit her. She was being too playful and loves to hug things tight and my husband was caught with work on his computer. We both should of payed attention to her better but it happened so fast. My husband grabbed her and gave her to me to clean her up. I cleaned her face up and noticed that Harvey punctured her left side by her lip. At that point we needed to go to the hospital cause it looked like she needed stitches. We headed to Arnold Palmer's Children's Hospital. The staff were wonderful.
Our daughter was cooperative through out the whole process. It wasn't until it was time to disinfect her puncture area that's when she was screaming. Luckily it's only one stitch that she got. My husband had  to hold her down and try to calm her down while she was getting stitches. My poor husband got the worst job. He felt horrible watching her suffer. Of course I was an emotional wreck throughout the whole process. 
After she got her stitches, she calmed down and was back to normal. The staff was really nice and told her she was really brave! 
One of the nurses brought in 2 toys and asked her to pick one.  At first she wasn't sure which one but she picked this one:

While heading home we discussed what the next step for Harvey. Our biggest fear if we did keep him is that this will happen again and it might be worse. So we agreed that we would have to turn him in to SPCA or the Animal Shelter. As much as it sucks, it was for the best. He has been with us since he was a 4 month old pup. That night was the last night walk I would take Harvey. He knew that he did something wrong cause he wasn't acting like himself. 
The following morning I called SPCA and they told us since we filed a bite report that Harvey would have to go through the Animal shelter and 10 day quarantine before they accept him. 
Before I took him, my husband and I agreed that we would allow our daughter to see Harvey. We don't want her to fear dogs due to her experience. She went up to him as if nothing has happened. She petted him and he licked her. She tried hugging him but we told her not to do that and she listen. She said her byes as if she would see him again and went to take her nap. 
I walked Harvey one last time. Then we headed to Animal Shelter.
After a little paper work , he was put in a crate and I had to leave him there. 

It was pretty emotional for me. Especially since I never had a dog growing up. I've become attached to him. From being very emotional the day before and today it became so exhausting. When I got home my sister FaceTime me and I let her know since we haven't spoken in a couple of days. She was sad that we had to let him go. One comment made me laugh a bit. "Harvey was like the boyfriend that the whole family meets and they all love him and now you broke up with him. And will never see again."  
It's true in a way. 
My husband saw how exhausted I was so we had a semi relaxed afternoon. 
After I felt better I thought it would be a good idea to bake some cupcakes. 
And guess who was my little helper? lol 
She actually enjoyed mixing. Too much that she didn't want to let go of the whisk.
It was our first baking experience together :)
I can't wait till the holidays to make Christmas cookies with her!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello, September!

Can't believe September is already here! I can't wait for the holidays :-D
What are you looking forward in September or the coming months ?

Potty Training

Potty training has been going pretty good other than the usual poop in her underwear. It's a common  occurrence with her. I'm hoping this changes soon!
The other night we went to Giordano's with my husband's employees. Even though she was wearing diapers she still used the bathroom. We went to the bathroom like 5 times. Out of all the times we went she actually used the bathroom twice. The rest were false alarms. I disliked these false alarms cause that meant I had to get up , get her out of her high chair, walk to the bathroom, take off her diaper and place her on the toilet. And when she didn't go I had to put her diaper back, walk back to our table and place her in her high chair. As you read it was time consuming and my pizza got semi cold when I had a chance to eat it. 
Oh, well! That's part of being a parent.
We have continued having her wear her underwear while taking naps. We have had about 2 accidents on her bed this week. I personally thought we would have more accidents on her bed but so far so good. 
Towards the end of the week it seemed like as if she reversed in her potty training. She had 2 peeing accidents in her room. Which was not fun to clean (since it was done on the carpets). Or she would pee just enough to have wet underwear which meant underwear change. 
I believe her 'terrible twos' are kicking in and has affected her potty training recently. I hope it was just a random act and we can move forward. 
Has any parent gone through this phase? It hasn't become discouraging for me just yet.
But I feel with a good attitude and consistency she will fully potty trained.