Surprise You Are A Mom !: Emotional Couple of Days


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Emotional Couple of Days

Where to start ? 
On Wednesday we went to our daughter's pediatrician to see what they can do about her random rash. 
While in the waiting room she was trying to control 3 other kids (mind you they were old than her) while playing with the mega blocks. It was quite amusing to watch. I had to intervene a couple of times to teach her that it's not okay to completely take over. I want to say she understood but she did it again a couple times while we waited. She doesn't mind sharing the problem was how they were using the blocks was what she didn't like. There will be plenty of more time to teach her. 
After the appointment and picking up her prescription cream we were home. I was making a snack for my husband when it happened. Our dog bit her. She was being too playful and loves to hug things tight and my husband was caught with work on his computer. We both should of payed attention to her better but it happened so fast. My husband grabbed her and gave her to me to clean her up. I cleaned her face up and noticed that Harvey punctured her left side by her lip. At that point we needed to go to the hospital cause it looked like she needed stitches. We headed to Arnold Palmer's Children's Hospital. The staff were wonderful.
Our daughter was cooperative through out the whole process. It wasn't until it was time to disinfect her puncture area that's when she was screaming. Luckily it's only one stitch that she got. My husband had  to hold her down and try to calm her down while she was getting stitches. My poor husband got the worst job. He felt horrible watching her suffer. Of course I was an emotional wreck throughout the whole process. 
After she got her stitches, she calmed down and was back to normal. The staff was really nice and told her she was really brave! 
One of the nurses brought in 2 toys and asked her to pick one.  At first she wasn't sure which one but she picked this one:

While heading home we discussed what the next step for Harvey. Our biggest fear if we did keep him is that this will happen again and it might be worse. So we agreed that we would have to turn him in to SPCA or the Animal Shelter. As much as it sucks, it was for the best. He has been with us since he was a 4 month old pup. That night was the last night walk I would take Harvey. He knew that he did something wrong cause he wasn't acting like himself. 
The following morning I called SPCA and they told us since we filed a bite report that Harvey would have to go through the Animal shelter and 10 day quarantine before they accept him. 
Before I took him, my husband and I agreed that we would allow our daughter to see Harvey. We don't want her to fear dogs due to her experience. She went up to him as if nothing has happened. She petted him and he licked her. She tried hugging him but we told her not to do that and she listen. She said her byes as if she would see him again and went to take her nap. 
I walked Harvey one last time. Then we headed to Animal Shelter.
After a little paper work , he was put in a crate and I had to leave him there. 

It was pretty emotional for me. Especially since I never had a dog growing up. I've become attached to him. From being very emotional the day before and today it became so exhausting. When I got home my sister FaceTime me and I let her know since we haven't spoken in a couple of days. She was sad that we had to let him go. One comment made me laugh a bit. "Harvey was like the boyfriend that the whole family meets and they all love him and now you broke up with him. And will never see again."  
It's true in a way. 
My husband saw how exhausted I was so we had a semi relaxed afternoon. 
After I felt better I thought it would be a good idea to bake some cupcakes. 
And guess who was my little helper? lol 
She actually enjoyed mixing. Too much that she didn't want to let go of the whisk.
It was our first baking experience together :)
I can't wait till the holidays to make Christmas cookies with her!!