Surprise You Are A Mom !: I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant Reactions


Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant Reactions

Naturally everyone reacts to an action that another person has made. So it's natural for people to judge even though there are people who try not to. I don't always get the same reaction when I say I'm a 'I didn't know I was pregnant' mom.  I either get a confused look, a judging stare or that's cool and move on reaction. 
The first couple of months you are always in and out of a pediatrician's office. Making sure vaccinations are in order and etc.
 While waiting in the waiting room you do come across moms. You chit chat about the pregnancy , when they found out about the sex of the baby, and the delivery of the baby. 
At first I didn't want to tell these strangers of how I found out about my pregnancy/labor. It was kinda of embarrassing for me. 
A grown college educated woman almost in her mid 20's not knowing she is pregnant? This never made sense for me and I am pretty sure to other people too. 
After a while I decided to just say I am a 'I didn't know I was pregnant' mom. I wasn't announcing it from the first moment I met someone. I only mentioned it if it came up in conversation. 
Some reactions weren't as friendly. I am pretty sure their intentions were not to hurt my feelings but it did. It made me feel like 'hey stupid ! how could you NOT know?!" 
But after explaining that I didn't really show a huge belly or didn't have any normal symptoms it kind of made more sense to them. 
I remember there was a reaction that caught me off guard late last year. I was at the pet store with my daughter. We were playing with these 2 dogs that were up for adoption. And there was a mom and her son that were hanging out there too. We got to chatting about the kids and of course pregnancy and labor. I then told her about my situation. She was surprisingly open minded about it. No judgement at all. She actually commented saying that she kinda wish she has gone through pregnancy like myself. She told me how nerve-racking it was for her since this was her first pregnancy. And like any new parent , she researched and read a bunch of things about pregnancy and labor which made her even more nervous about it. 
Thinking back at it I am kinda glad that I didn't have a normal pregnancy. Yes I would of loved to have had a baby shower with my friends and family. But I didn't have that extra stress or have the option to over thinking things. Not saying to not go to your doctors or to just wing it with pregnancy/labor . But I was very lucky that my baby girl was completely healthy when she was born. I think it was the shock and the adrenaline that kicked in when I was in labor because she was born in about 3-5 hours. And that included trying to figure out the 'random pains' I was having, then being transferred to a different hospital and the labor. 
I know moms like me are a small percentage. I hope that they know that they are not alone. 
We just had different way of knowing about our pregnancy.