Surprise You Are A Mom !: Potty Training Diaries


Monday, September 16, 2013

Potty Training Diaries

This week we purchased my daughter's first pack of pull ups! 
I honestly didn't want to purchase them but we had too. She still does have accidents. 
We got the Toys R Us brand for her pull-ups. The only reason why I got these it's cause of how cheap they were. The pack had 44 for $11.99 (plus tax). When you compare it to the other brands this is an amazing deal. Other brands like pampers or huggies their average small pack comes with about 25 pull-ups for the price between $17-20. 

For the Toys R Us brand I basically paid $.27 for each pull ups versus $.68-.80 each for the other brands. I have to be honest, I've used cheaper brands for diapers before and I must say they never work out and we stick to the Pampers brand. I was a bit concerned that there would be an issue with these. I'm glad to say there is no issue at all. It holds the pee and poop very well. (Apologies for the details)
One concern that I had was that my daughter's waist is small. At  times she has problems fitting in the 2T size bottoms. Since the smallest size is 2T/3T it had me worried. 
They fortunately fit well on her. (yay!)
Even though the pull-ups are diaper material my daughter she still acts like they are her regular underwear. It makes it easy for her to pull them down. And of course makes it much easier for me to put them on we are out. No more need to lay her down. 
This week's potty training she has been pretty good about accidents. She only had 2 accidents. Luckily one of those accidents she was wearing her pull-ups (I totally forgot to switch her to her regular undies that morning) so no major clean up for this mommy. 
As always she still does poopsies in her underwear. Twice a day without fail. (yay.....) 
I want to change that a soon as possible! So I am planning a little alteration in the reward system. 
Right now if she pees she receives 1 M&M's and 1 sticker. When she does her poopsies in the toilet she receives 2 M&M's and 1 sticker. 
Starting today her rewards will be if she pees she will receive 1 sticker and for poopsies in the toilet she will receive 1 M&M's and 1 Sticker. 
I'm hoping this would push her to really try to use the bathroom instead of a yucky mess for mommy to clean up. Wish us luck this week! 
Remember last week that I was running low on stickers? 
Well I was going through our arts and craft drawer and I found my daughter's stickers from Easter. Aren't these adorable?! 
As you can tell from the picture we used a couple of them already. 
Do you have kids that are already potty trained? What were your techniques? 
Sharing is always helpful :)