Surprise You Are A Mom !: potty training still continues


Monday, September 9, 2013

potty training still continues

As you know from our previous post we had a rough couple of days this past week. Especially for our daughter. But we still managed to potty train. 
When we went to the ER our little one was in underwear. I didn't realize it until we were changing her into the hospital gown. Even though we were at the hospital she still used the bathroom twice. They weren't even false alarms either. I was really proud of her. 
We headed home and kept her in her underwear. And guess what? No accident! yay! 
It was about a 15-20 minute drive. So it wasn't too bad. 
On Saturday she pooped in the toilet! It seems like on average she once poops maybe every 2-3 weeks in the toilet. The rest of time is a big messy surprise for mommy to clean up (yay....)
Now that she is on antibiotics it seems like poop is extremely messy. I've had about 4 incidents to clean up. Of course my husband helps as much as he can but can't stand the smell of poop.
This week all of the sudden my daughter is interested in the sticker aspect of the rewards. She basically demanded that she picks out the stickers herself. Which is fine by me. But I am now running low on stickers. This means Dollar Tree run sometime in the next couple of days.
 Other than that she has had normal potty routine. No accidents on her bed even after waking up from naptime. I always make sure she using the bathroom before and after her nap. I am running really low on diapers now so I have to do purchase pull-ups soon! Didn't really want to buy anymore disposable diapers but hopefully only one pack should be fine.  We will see what the coming weeks bring :)